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February 8, 2014

Hentai: Yama Hime No Hana

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  • Anonymous 5 days ago

    That chick is a fucking whore and she should die…period •-•

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    I am a humble tolerant person but their are 3 things I simply can not abide.

    Men who always rape women.

    People who always cheat.


    • Anonymous 1 week ago

      Same here someyhings are ypo indecent sex must be with the person you love
      Never force a girl to do something that she doesnt want

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Yes this is the proof of why pain excist. When you know love, you can also know hatred and despair and with that you come to understand pain. Mutual understanding is just wishful thinking. That is why true peace and love will never excist

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      I believe in what you believe but there is difference in our beliefs. Their is a such thing as true peace it’s just that love gets in the way. I thought no one well understand what I see. But their is only one way true peace can be made. It true peace can made through hatred and apathy. Yes love can cause unbearable pain. Even I felt that pain so I became a hateful soul. Making my heart cold. Even love through family can hurt someone once they’re betrayed. All it takes is one betrayal. One betrayal can easily break a person’s heart. That is why when there is love there’s bound to be a broken-heart. Love in this world brings only despair it’s not worth existing. And day when the time comes I will cleanse this world and bring true peace to the world. And if I can’t do it somebody else better be capable of achieving peace.

  • i just couldn’t get an erection from this, it just hurt me, was to sad

  • Man he should have went in beat the fuck out of that blond guy bitch slaped maho and then leave without saying anything

  • she said she doesnt like to be treated like a TOY, but that blonde treats her like a fucking sex toy

  • mrlolers 1 month ago

    I would have a baseball bat and slam it in the side of that blonde ass holes head and watch as he bleeds out then jump of the side of a building and die no pain no regrets

  • Crazy psychosocial 1 month ago

    The naoki dude should get in the house let the gas
    Out and wait the bitch to come,then she will open
    The Window and he throw a molotov the everything
    Explode and he go home happy with the other girl

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    擦 咋都有码啊

  • Serina 1 month ago

    I would’ve went in and bitch slapped Maho

    • Nobody.... 1 month ago

      No clue as to why he didn’t? Now I see why some people because jealous murdering exes….

      • Hateful Soul 1 month ago

        Time and Time again I’ve been proven correct. That love brings only despair it is not worth existing in this world we live in.

        • The pornographic fish stick 1 month ago

          Without love you know a lot of the worlds population wouldn’t have existed friend without love we wouldn’t have the things today and you wouldn’t be commenting about how shitty a unavoidable emotion is I’m not
          offended on you hating on love just you spouting out your overdramatic bullshit even your name is shit….why the fuck am i talking about this in a porn site.

          • ur so ignorant 3 weeks ago

            love is avoidable considering im 19 and never been in love

          • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

            Your so pathetic. You know that? Let me ask you something. What if you love someone and turns out that person tricked you because your trust is needed in order to get information or to assassinate you?
            Can you deal with that kind of pain.

    • Crazy psychosocial 1 month ago

      Serina change slapped for stabbed gets better
      Fuck the cops and the people nobody needs them
      Thats it hail the czar

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