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February 8, 2014

Hentai: Yama Hime No Hana

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  • xpikacux 1 day ago

    booty butt booty butt booty butt cheeks

  • i will let you rape my girlfriend. 1 week ago


  • anonymous 2 weeks ago

    If you white boys don’t like this hentai gtfo

  • kirito 2 weeks ago

    The story writter must have experienced these kind of a thing but he highlighted the pain of a lover when he comes about her gf, its a fact and very heart touching if we take in a positive way.

  • Just sayin' 3 weeks ago

    Naoki did what I wouldn’t he just left after having sex with that chick leaving Maho with that guy, if it was me that bitch wouldn’t be alive as well as that guy

  • HATEUNTR 3 weeks ago

    But the truth is, most of NTR product had nice girl getting fucked…. In a fucking high quality. I hate to admit it, but they do, god damn it. So most of time i don’t watch this kind of cheating hentai but when I do I only watch ‘H part’ and guys if you guys don’t want to watch this kind of cheating hentai,search ‘vampire’ and watch that.

  • anonymous 3 weeks ago

    fucking drama

  • anonymous 3 weeks ago

    want to piss off teenage boy – show him hentai with cheating. Don’t watch the one that tagged with this word then? If it’s so upsetting for your naive child mindset

    • anonymous 2 weeks ago

      You must be a child,,,,,,,,,go watch family porn pls

  • HATEUNTR 3 weeks ago

    That was….. One hell out of ntr o.O

  • Grandmaster Zack 3 weeks ago



    • anonymous 2 weeks ago

      CALM YOUR TITS DOWN CHILD your basically saying your waaay too emotionally attached to this hentai, Go watch family guy porn,

  • Really 3 weeks ago

    I bet dis hentai is da worst

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Bitch please……

  • newman 1 month ago

    fapping so hard



  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    The dude deserved to get his girl stolen. I mean, who leaves town for YEARS without talking to their girlfriend about it first? I’d be more surprised if she waited for that selfish fucker.

  • Lil rob 1 month ago

    ending is sad, poor noaki. lied to by one girl and used by the other. thats fucked upwhen a hentai messes with your head and heart like that. you almost genuinly feel bad for him.

  • awwww I wanted to see part 2, oh well this was entertaining but I’m sure the guy will move on

  • slightly male 1 month ago

    gee that was depressing… it’s not the worst I’ve seen though… o.o but… that girl just soo reminds me of my partner’s ex-girlfriend… it’s kinda sad actually. It might be more interesting, if… i don’t know… the girl cheating caught her boyfriend being fucked by her ex-friend. That drama would be really interesting to watch. And in the end that ex-friend gets pregnant or something like that.
    Still… that hentai actually has kind of an interesting story. I’ve seen better, but also worse… but it didn’t really turn me on… but that just might be because that bitch remembered me of someone I know and because cheating-hentais aren’t really my thing. I watched it to the end at least, that means something.

  • 8=======D 1 month ago

    fapping so hard to thiss

  • 8=======D 2 months ago

    fapping so hard to this

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Man that hurts badly

  • Naoki still hit it first

  • MikeHunt 2 months ago

    Damn…. That guy probably should check for aids

  • The One Called "The Guy" 2 months ago

    Look at all the heartbroken people in the comment section!

  • BlackDragon 2 months ago

    I love how everyone in the comments kind of hates the guy but not the girl. Yeah, the girl was mind broken, but she is the one who didn’t tell or get away. She obviously had parents. She is a WHORE. And he is a piece of shit.

  • BlackDragon 2 months ago

    Well, SLUT…I guess that forever is a lot shorter than I thought it was, you GODDAMN, LYING, BITCH ASS WHORE! “I’ll wait forever for you.” BULL SHIT. If forever is what you say it is, forever is about four fucking days, probably, BITCH! Hell, it would probably four FUCKING days you were fucking other guys!

  • Melpk 2 months ago

    depressing sht,

  • agervais96 2 months ago

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    dude this is so sad man

  • White wolf 2 months ago

    You fucking bitch you said you would wait for me

  • Belphegor 2 months ago

    bitch, bastard

  • strange 2 months ago

    am i the only one who totally hits this kind of hentai but does get turned on like hell?

    i mean i have a really good time fapping to this instead of a nice love story…

    kind of a conflicted feeling haha

    • strange 2 months ago

      hits is hate sorry

    • BlackDragon 2 months ago

      I hate it, soo, FUCKING MUCH, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a boner to it (I get aroused by…taboo I guess.) that means like incest, cheating, perversion and sometimes -SOMETIMES- rape. Most of the time I hate it though.

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      Like, it makes you sick to your stomach and your cock hard as hell? I can understand that perfectly

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    I would still fuck her that.

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Why is rape and cheating so fucking popular it’s such a fucjing boner and mood kill

    • slightly male 1 month ago

      probably because it’s forbidden and stuff… I really hate rape and cheating isn’t my thing, but hey, there’s a market for everything I guess… Plus there are many other sick porn genres out there like incest or loli. Even though I sometimes like hentai involving big brother complex or such… but only if the storyline is good.

  • This brang up some painful memories..Why did I watch this?

  • kenshiro 2 months ago

    Can a girl be dick-mind control in real life?

    • Kinda though never permanent. There are situations like when a hostage sympathizes with their kidnapper or that one horrible case on the news where a girl was kidnapped and raped constantly for years. The mind sorta blanks out and the victim “enjoys” it or accepts it but it’s more of a coping mechanism to more or less minimize psych damage for traumatic events like the examples I gave above.

      • Forgot to mention that in those scenarios they’d be “mind controlled” in a sense but when rescued or taken out of that scenario you can be sure they’ll be testifying against you in court.

  • This is a example of a class one bitch. Ahh I would jump in and go all Muhammad Ali on his ass.

  • i wsnt able to protect 2 months ago

    turning some nice girl into slut………
    i fucking hate it i fcuking really do!!!
    if someone raped a girl who never expererience it
    taken by force at first they refuse
    and still in denial and confusion
    they would not tell anybody but
    but if the rapist was able to do it again
    they fucking ended up craving for it looking for it
    they fucking……

    happened to my most precious friend…..
    raped by his college tutor
    a family friend of hers

    she after the first incident refused to open the door
    after a few min her mother called her threatening her
    for being disrepectful to that fucking sick man
    she wasnt able to tell her mom
    to anyone even to me

    it continued for 2 month until her birthday
    i was planning to surprise her
    went to her house
    decorated her room
    but it looks like she forgot
    i borrowed her spare keys earlier
    i fell asleep waiting
    she went home past 9pm
    with her so called “tutor”
    then i saw them
    apparently he was teaching her not only academics stuff

    i was hesitant to come out
    they were too into it
    and she was enjoying it

    fuck that staying there was like fucking forever
    good thing her parents wasnt able to come
    i invited them and said they’ll be late for 2 days

    “lets continue it in your room”
    i was shocked i was scared i felt evry emotions in that 10secs
    energy left me my feet cant keep standing
    i ended up sitting next to her cake above her bed

    they were kissung before they turned on the light
    with a birthday hat on my head
    and they saw me
    there was a moment of silence
    i put that trumphet in my mouth and
    “tooooot (trumphet sounds) happy birthday my precious little sister”
    she was so shocked she couldn’t move
    i punched his tutor face and hit him in the stomach
    “thats for taking advantage for the innocence of my little sister”

    she told me everything the next day
    i was just silent anf ignoring her
    her parents came the next day
    and i told them everything
    but i told them they were happy now and try not to do things
    without talking to them in a calm manner

    • Sorry 2 months ago

      I’m so sorry for what happened.. Watching this made me angry but sad too because I can’t imagine this happening to one of my friends. Your “sister” I don’t know what to say about her

    • BlackDragon 2 months ago

      Well, if it was me, he wouldn’t be alive. He would be punched through hell, back, and broken. I wouldn’t talk to the ‘sister’ and I’d give no shits on if I got arrested

      • Finally found a comment that i wanted to see, i would fucking kill that dude and just ignore the sister, you know just like to start a new life, no regrets .!.

    • vulcan300 2 months ago

      and some people say “this only can be in hentais” so sad, man now you have a new chance to protect her, maybe your fail in the past, but it’s never too late

  • PewDiePie 2 months ago

    Notice me senpai!

  • is that fuckin junichi from amagami as the MC?

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Mothef fucking mc!

  • khang 3 months ago

    I’m vietnamese, 21ys, 15cm, man

  • Anonymous 3 months ago







  • 我操你们。。。。。。。。。。。。。

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    This shit happened to me once I killed the bitch and to all the peeps hurt by this much love

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    I would have killed maho…

    • Varkolak, God of Sex 2 months ago

      I would have killed the dude, women are not as worthless

  • FatBitches&Sandwiches 3 months ago

    Learn lessons! Bitches like this have made me into the dick I am today. If you trust someone don’t trust them blindly.

  • UNKNOWN 3 months ago


  • All the faces turned me off

    • Same here. Why do they think that fucking (8P face is attractive or sexy?

      I’m so tired of this eroticized derp face.

  • Mind=blown 3 months ago

    Sooo…any one else lost their boner?

  • 3 months ago

    This anime not only killed my bonor but my mood for hentai aswell so fuck this hentai

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

  • shit

  • Anonymous 3 months ago


  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    His Hentai was a fuckin boner killer and was the worst show I’ve ever seen

    • Derpinator 3 months ago

      Another boner bites the dust!

    • anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Your stupidity is a boner killer aight?? OK white boy if this is the worst show you have seen go fucking watch family guy porn or go see a different genre…………

  • t's Really Worth 3 months ago

    The brunette is the only good part of this shitty hentai.

    • anonymous 2 weeks ago

      White boy, why watch it if you think its shitty? Your fucking stupid

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    Yo this is just bullshit. The MC should knock the fuck out of that guy, altogether this chapter was shit and hoping that the next one if they even create it would be better so I can see that blonde cunt die and Maho getting raped

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    It started out nice, cute couple doin it. But the she just 180s into a cum slut WTF?!

  • Really 3 months ago

    Wow. People are raging so much from the cheating they lose their boners?

    This is fucking depressing. I think it’s the flashbacks that really sell it.

    Shit. That’s when the NTR has failed. No wonder this only has one episode.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    This is why I want to ask what the Fuck is these writers on or thinking total boner killer

  • poor guy 3 months ago

    Awwwww poor dude…. she won’t let him cum inside here but when it comes to the ntr dude he can :(

  • its just hentai for crying out loud! at least u gut a boner XD

  • Hentie 3 months ago

    Dude she hot fuckeed bad

  • Tëddïë 3 months ago

    Wow -_-

  • Hated this shit… Cheating is the worst thing anyone can do…

    • anonymous 2 weeks ago

      dude wtf is your problem either you must be a white boy that doesn’t understand what genre he’s watching or you like to get off on spongebob porn. TAKE THAT

  • Saika 3 months ago

    is there a cheating hentai where the MC beats the crap out of them? Then he gets laid everyday :D

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      Eh, would you wanna get laid by that type of girl? Another man comes along and, oops, you catch them fucking each others brains out… Not a pleasant experience.

  • At least he got another chikc :D

  • That BITCH !

    Honestly, the fact that she’s cheating on him kinda ruined the whole thing for me. I may be a hentai perv, but I’m a perv that likes a little romance, love and loyalty in his hentai.

    This was actually kinda heartbreaking :’(

    • Anonymous 3 months ago

      Amen this thing was just depressing. I usually like cheating scene but this was just way to much

    • hard boy 3 months ago

      that is so awkward that bitch is cheatingon him poooorrr guy

    • Fucking dick 3 months ago

      yeah i hear you i want to kill that maho fuck you maho!!!!!!
      I’M A HENTAI PERV TO BUT I WANT a happy ending

    • BlackDragon 2 months ago

      Chesting is okay when it’s accepted by the person who was cheated on. This was the opposite of that.

  • Hentia Kid 14 3 months ago

    ya just Google Blue haired hentia click videos and watch ;)

  • Rinko lawliet 3 months ago

    Does any one know a good one that has a girl with glasse, in genral

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Hopes she goes to hell

  • terrible killer# 4 months ago

    This anime is great i want to see the next chapter of this anime because i want to see naoki punching this guy hard.if i am naoki i want to kill this dude and leave the girl alone without speaking. But i was so diapoint in the ending naoki is just a waek he didnt do anything i was very very disapointed and sad because this anime is only one. Pls work hard to make another chapter.

  • vulcan300 4 months ago

    if you’re a man you can fuck as your like with eveyone, but if you’re a woman and get another dick you’re a totally whore… fucking logic .__.”

    • Anonymous 4 months ago

      the fuck u talking about? If your a dude and you sleep around while in a committed your a total fucking cunt. If you sleep around just in general, what kind guy are you? Probably the kind that sleeps with whores and can’t get into a real relationship. Women aren’t the only ones subjugated; they are to a greater degree, but they are not alone.

      • vulcan300 3 months ago

        Ok, I respect that but still being the same point cause women r whores and mans normal or manly… fucking logic .__.”

    • Skank Alert 3 months ago

      Which is better? A key that opens any door, or a door that opens for any key?

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    I would answer the phone and confront that whore and got with the other chick! Also how did blonde and that whore having sex , the brown hair chick said that the whore didn’t like it at first so did he rape her???

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    That was just sad ! So that bitch ran away with the blond dick ! WTF ! U had a good man ! And I guess naoki got that chick pregent and married her instead ! So fucked up

  • Nagasumi 4 months ago

    Wow, man. just wow. If i were Naoki i would’nt have smacked that other dude. I would fucking kill that bitch fucking whore.

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  • Shape dp 4 months ago

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  • PissedoffKira 4 months ago

    This was so sad how a pervert ruined a true love and turned a good girl into a slut I would be destroyed if that had happened to me its probable I would have died and to the irespectuful guy down there thast how a real man in love would act.
    I admit it doesnt make much sense the brunette fucking him and he letting her.
    This was really depressive.

    • terrible killer# 4 months ago

      Mi agree with you. Naoki is very weak he didnt do anything to this guy what a loser

  • Nameless 4 months ago

    I want to hard fucked

  • anonymous would u like to visit me so we could play a little

  • kenshiro 4 months ago

    Any girl wanna fuck

  • Nameless 4 months ago

    You are so right Anonymous

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    I know the purpose of this genre is to make people pissed (which it ALWAYS does, not me) but I would like to see just ONCE where a guy who has some self respect would react like how I think most guys would. Like me for example, sure it would hurt and if we had gotten close or if I had REALLY loved her I might be angry once I get home but it would be over my stupidity for not seeing how she was a hypocritical slut (taking this girl as an example) I wouldn’t have just left I would have made myself known, called her a slut/bitch (although she’d probably agree) leave and move on. I don’t know many guys who would just be a wimp. Most of these stories the guy either does nothing, gets pissed but says nothing, becomes a man without no soul left, says that somehow it was their fault, etc. But I mean seriously just once I want to see how a REAL guy would act.

    • AnOnOmAs 4 months ago

      I feel like I would try to punch the dude out, then get beat up. Then I’d go get drunk at a bar and sleep with a hooker and get an STD then jump of a bridge and have to walk home in wet cloths because the bridge wasn’t high enough.

    • Anonamous 4 months ago

      If you really loved her, you wouldn’t have been able to do anything…..

      • Shrek 4 months ago

        not really. there are several reactions that can come from this. a violent reaction which could lead to murder, denial pretending it never happened, basically playing along with maho at the end when she called and confusion. Vioent and confusion are the most common. there are probably more reactions but this is what I got. But I hope he gets ogre it.

    • terrible killer# 4 months ago

      Me too. I want to see the guy act like man. Punch him in the head thats what i want to see.

  • randomguyyy 4 months ago

    why didnt they all just group up and be like you fuck my bitch ill fuck ur bitch swapping cum loads and crossing sperm like men

  • Fucko Sucko 4 months ago

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  • linhnguyen 4 months ago

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  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I love how everyone is sad for the dude lol. He is a bitch sitting there and not doing anything. The chick is a slut so just let her be nasty ass hoe. Who the hell was the blond and why did she pull out his dick? Over all this was just a bad hentai all over.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    This shit just pisses me off watching something like this makes me remember japanese perverts

    • anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Shut up if this hentai pisses you off why watch it at all? see this is why fucking americans shouldnt watch hentai they get waay to fucking emotionally attached to hentai……..

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I swear most of these comments sound like they were written by 8 year olds.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    kakagigil kayong lahat.! mga p0tang ina nyo

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      English man do u fucking speak it! If your gonna use that gay ass language of yours then at least say to some local in New Orleans.

      • Anonymous 5 months ago


      • Kitten 5 months ago

        What does New Orleans have to do with it? They don’t speak like that. Not even close. I should know sense I have family there and I’ve been there. Lol

      • Anonymous 5 months ago

        sorry really am. its a means bad words means its shit. its laungage. its bad word guys.

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      its bad word guuys surry. without giving much thought to it. am really sorry

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      its bad word. sorry really am without giving much thought to it becuase im piss. or is it launge. watever it is. im sorry

    • Fucko Sucko 4 months ago

      Gago ka

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    ntr you called? i called it fuck. worst.

  • fuck you all

  • fuuck you al

  • yea. i dont watch hentai really. not fucking really. i dont have fetish. but it maybe when i was a little but i know now! but it shock me to the core. when this. and otome dori. i guess this is breaking point. from god of hentai. fuck hentai from the start. so as japan. culture. fuuuck gangbang fetish? like weather reporter getting fuck. or fake taxi. or cosplay when fuck. or cum. big breast? and so porn? i dont like big breast really.when did you watch porn. considering its bad. so as anime. naruto or one piece? i only watch one piece i want to kill doflamingo. ehihihi! and so what they call otaku. i call it fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck u.

  • issei hyodo 5 months ago

    Be a good anime

  • kioshirosama 5 months ago

    You guys ´d label the videos as they are, this one is called Netorade

    Netorade Sucks!

    It just pissed off my morning.

  • TwistedVoices 5 months ago

    I would be crazy bust in with a Knive and cut his dick off and be like YEAH IT DOESN’T COMPARE RIGHHHHT?

  • tatsuya 5 months ago

    Lucky bastard lol

  • Bloodletter 5 months ago

    IF there is going to be a 2nd episode, I have a feeling that this will end with murder. I agree that the MC is fucking wuss, but I think there is still hope that he will man up and make an effort to win back his (ex)girlfriend. I hate most cheating and NTR videos. Anyway, let’s see how this pans out.

  • Banana 5 months ago

    I feel sorry for the guy, he might get herpes

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I hate this girl…

  • Akatsukist 5 months ago

    Im not so mad about it but i wouldnt just witness it i would break it up and say wtf is going on

  • BURNmaho 5 months ago

    shitty mood of hentai,
    that fking whore i would have stabbed her in the face and cut the motherfucking sensei’s dick

  • Loner 5 months ago

    LOL… I love how people are reacting so harshly to this. It’s just a hentai. Jesus christ.

  • Caliswag 5 months ago

    What the hell i was on the mood watching hentai then this shit pissed me off

  • The world perv only know 5 months ago

    This hentai piss me of

  • caveman 5 months ago

    Wtf I come on here for a birthday wank but all this did was piss me of and want to chop that guys dick off and kill that girl wtf why didn’t he get up go into the room kick the shit out of that guy and ask that girl wtf

  • Baka and sex 5 months ago

    Hey Any girls wanna have some fun?

  • Guest9 5 months ago

    That was messed up

  • Noshy 5 months ago

    Man instead of finding this hot it pissed me off wtf hentai do your job rite!

  • Nilad 5 months ago

    lol mad virgins in the comments, most of women i fucked were in relationship.

    • That Guy 5 months ago

      terribly sorry to inform you of this, but that is not something to be proud of. All that does is make you a dick.

  • justice!! 5 months ago

    this hentai not making me horny it making mad!!!
    fck that girl!!!!! poor little guy

  • makunouchi 5 months ago

    Who wanna fuck?

  • Angry man 5 months ago

    It that bitch was my girlfriend I’ll fucken kill her and that person

  • burnho 5 months ago

    is every jap men bitchmade

  • fucking dick 5 months ago

    i want to fucking punch that girl i hate her!

  • Borehor 5 months ago

    The mc had a bigger dick and lost the girl? What I thought big dick = winner in hentai?

  • the little slut 5 months ago

    hey Mr 13 inch dick you want to go and get a really good time cause i am single and i live in Colorado respond please if your some where near me. :)

    P.S. I’ve been craving a big dick.

  • the guy with the 13 inch dick 5 months ago

    but it was kinda shity for the dude i mean that fucking whore should just walk into a bar and say fuck me because she would get even more dick

  • the guy with the 13 inch dick 5 months ago

    holy fuck that was awesome i could watch that all day and night! hats off to the creator of this video.

  • ShitLikeThis... 5 months ago

    Shit like this pisses me off. I guess I watch too much regular anime to ignore the cheating thing.

  • Zangief 5 months ago

    In Soviet Russia, she would be pile driven into asphalt for her insolence. -sigh- De good ol’ days.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    do u guys want your girlfriend cheating on u, because I don’t

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      I don’t mind if she cheats. There could be a threesome involved so works for me

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    what a shitty girlfriend

  • japan is number 1 5 months ago

    hentai is the best than cartoons :3

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I feel like NTR stuff like this would be better if they gave a damn and showed what happened after. Things like Otome Dori got that shit right. NTR’s all about cheating and shit, but we never get anything to ever give a fuck about the fact that she’s cheating, raped or not. Seems like most of the genre is just “Oh, my bitch is a good girl, but oh, she’s cheating on me now, I’mma go cry while either getting fucked or sitting in a dark room by someone else, or god forbid, my SO, and then the entirety of the rest of this story is just going to my bitch bouncing on people’s cocks yelling about how much she can’t live without a daily intake.” I don’t give a damn about you, fucker. Why should I have to lose my boner because I have to look at your ugly crying/horrified face for 5 minutes for some fucker I don’t give a damn about? Shit’s hot, but it could be better.

  • Death 5 months ago

    I do wonder if there will ever be a 2nd episode, to find out what happen to the chick that fuck him outside Maho apartment?

  • Death 5 months ago

    I do wonder if there will ever be a 2nd episode, to find out what happen to the chick fuck him outside Maho apartment?

  • anonymous 6 months ago

    If i was so close as to hear my girl fucking another man i wouldnt stand there and take it like he did,a fight would ensue.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    So many baby ass vanilla lovers! If you hate ntr so much then why the fuck do you even bother watching it seriously!? When it comes to all that soft crap no one complains but as soon ntr arrives everyone becomes a emotional little bitch! Do you guys just like to comment on the comment section about how weak you are or something god this world is full of losers who can’t take one rejection from a girl without crying!

    • Cephei 6 months ago

      First of all, you can ignore people’s comments much like how you suggest to avoid the NTR-genre hentai. Furthermore, I’d prefer someone WATCH the video first rather than someone vent all of their opinions when they haven’t even seen it yet. Moreover, not everybody hates the genre NTR, that’s why it exists. It’s just that majority of people watching it prefer other genres. It’s not that they “shit” on the genre but because it’s normally looked down upon in society. You can’t expect someone to just accept cheating and proclaim “I love cheating on my lover!”. It’s similar to: “I love murdering :D”. Clearly, you don’t respect people’s opinions and so how would they respect yours if you don’t do the same to theirs. I don’t have problems with NTR, in fact, some of them are good. But I can’t say ALL of them are good because some of them are just not, at least to me. And cheating is not even rejection. Looking at it deeply, it’s accepting someone’s feelings and trampling on them.

      • Anonymous 6 months ago

        The video is about some wuss who left his bitch and when he finally comes back to see her she isn’t so happy. After they had sex the wuss asked the bitch to move into his home, bitch denied the offer and the wuss left. Later the neighbor tells the wuss of how much his bitch is a whore which he didn’t believe. She then decides to show the wuss bitch having sex with a badass who abused woman for his own selfish desires. He was was so shocked by the beautiful sight that the wuss stranded there like a little bitch while having pity sex from the neighbor. Hentai ends with the wuss not checking a message sent from his bitch because he knew if he checked it be over. Now tell me does it look like that I haven’t watched this hentai? Also I believe I have the right to hate on all these vanilla lovers sense all those fuck do is complain how terrible it is. They would say stuff like “this hentai killed my boner” or ” who was the asshole that made this.” All you fucks ever do is bitch on ntr and yes I know that I’m complaining as we’ll but at least I’m not some soft ass wussy bitch who can’t stand cheating or raping because you know what life’s a bitch and this shit happens! I can bitch some more if you want! is that what you want you piece of shit huh!? Just reply if you got the balls.

        • Cephei 6 months ago

          Clearly, you misunderstood what I was talking about. I never mentioned nor implied that “you” did not watch the video; I’m said I prefer people, that you keep calling “wussy bitch”, to watch the video first before expressing opinions instead of saying stupid remarks when they haven’t even seen it. I don’t need a summary because I watched it too. Secondly, it doesn’t matter if you hate these viewers; they still have the right to hate/love on something. You can’t force them to stop by insulting them. They DO have the right to complain much like you have the right to hate. People “can’t stand” these genres because it’s not to their preference. It’s that simple. I’m not complaining that you can “bitch some more”! Personally, I don’t give a shit; and it doesn’t even make sense to call them “weak” just because the genre is not to their liking. What are you eight years old? I’m only giving another perception, so that if you are a reasonable person (which it doesn’t seem so, disappointing), that you take into consideration and just ignore these “stupid complaints” on the comment section.

          • Anonymous 5 months ago

            Well played sir. Well my job is done it was nice wasting your time same for the readers :P

            • Cephei 5 months ago

              As long as I’ve convinced you, I will never consider it as a waste of time. :)

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      Hey so your fine never having a relationship? And always having someone cheat on you cuz ya know yeah thats hot…..dumbass ntr

  • thats just rong

  • hentai whisper 6 months ago

    I am crying my eyes out but at the same time,I am masturbating.

    Don’t judge me

  • Girl? Just treat me like a Guy! 6 months ago

    God dam it now I’m depressed and my eyes are sweating you know what’s weird I wish they would make a hentai where the girl is like mahao they cheat and all that shit and the bf finds out but instead of the bf being broke up about it he goes out and continues fuking the chick and then mahao ends up becoming depressed they should make a hentai like that cause all these stupid fukin hentais are sexist and they assume that the guys ill always be depressed bout it well change it up u fuk heads!!! Great now I’m pissed

  • cumsohard 6 months ago

    I just came 3 times already….need to get out of this website

  • The end was sad
    I liked the brunette better though

  • hentai lover 6 months ago

    Fuck you freakin cheating omg i always find rape or tentacles well fuck them

  • Death 6 months ago

    I wonder if there will ever be a second episode, what do you guy’s thing?

    • Mr. Queer 5 months ago

      Reminds me of the anime school days but instead the guy is cheating on all the girls

  • hentai connoisseur 6 months ago

    As far as NTR goes, this one’s kinda wierd. In any case, I found the second girl far more appealing than the whore and was incredibly disappoint at the distinct lack of her

  • XxDantey460xX 6 months ago

    Yama Hime no Hana is one of those hentai that could’ve been a lot better if they had actually tried.

    The art in this one is confusing. On one hand, the faces of the females are great, on the other the males look terrible. On one hand again, the faces might look great, but the bodies look incredibly plastic and unappealing. Everything from the particular color used on the skin and nipples, to the overall colors used in the anime itself… it’s not too appealing to behold, let’s put it that way. It’s like something that crawled out of the bad anime of the 90s in terms of the lack of contrast and the over-use of saturation.
    Beyond that it’s just badly drawn in more than some cases, particularly if we’re referring to being anatomically correct. You’ll see the female lead lying on her chest and her boobs will be balloons, literally. It’s quite dreadful.
    The animation is a bit sub par, but far better than the art I’d say. It can be a bit repetitive at times but you never feel like you’re watching a still image or a really disjointed slide-show.

    As for the story, well, I guess it’s not terrible if we consider that it is after all — hentai. It’s not a master-piece orchestrated to turn your dick into a diamond, but it has its merits here and there: it has flashbacks and does a pretty good job of defining the lead’s relationship to his girlfriend, and the circumstances under which he finds out she’s cheating on him are fun.

    The sound is nothing to write home about either. If there was any music, I don’t think I ever noticed it: ghost tracks. The voice acting is okay, though. The tone and the delivery fit the part of each individual character, I’d say, and the female voices in particular are quite pleasant to listen to.

    As far as NTR goes it’s definitely worth a watch, maybe even a re-watch. If you’re not into NTR, eh, there’s probably better hentai you could be watching as far as all the aforementioned points are concerned.

    • Hot older guy with huge cock 6 months ago

      What the actual fuck. You arnt supposed to come here to anilyze it your here to fap so stfu and get on with it.

    • Monkey D. Horny 6 months ago

      WTF dude, just fap. Who would even read this shit…

  • Whats 6 months ago

    The name of the song in the end?

    Shes still a cheeeeap hooker.

  • black_suaske 6 months ago

    Does anyone know which episodes arent edited

  • Hi I am a girl 6 months ago

    this is so dame depressing but the sex is good

  • Anonymous 6 months ago


  • -_____- 6 months ago


  • TOMODOSHI 6 months ago

    i come back to this website and i see this…..i will now consider suicide my friends girl cheated on him….there is no love in this world… make me cry….

    • -___________________- 6 months ago

      no my friend, there is DEFINITELY ALWAYS LOVE in this world, but not this whore (she should die), you just gotta find the right person, not a whore bitch nigga like that bitch. FUCK DAT BITCH

    • Smart Guy 6 months ago

      Here the solution:

      1- Tell you friend to fuck that bitch.
      2- If he can’t, try yourself.
      3- If you can’t, fuck your friend.

      So easy dude, relax pls.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Good. Now go kill yourself.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Stop being such a bitch and move on! I swear people are becoming so soft nowadays.

  • dexter 6 months ago

    This is shit

  • Shall i go rape and kill the bitch for ya? I would really like to. SHE MUST DIE! LET GO OF ME! IMMA MAKE YOU SUFFER! LET ME GO GOD DAMN IT! (Get’s dragged away) NOOOOO SHE MUST DIE! FUCK YOU!!!!!BITCH!

  • Downs 6 months ago

    Idk but this turned me off cause i felt bad about the cheating part

  • Learrrrrn 6 months ago

    it should have ended like DyE fantasy but to maho and the sempai

    • Sebastian 5 months ago

      was a two pump chump after a full day of teasing she thghuot it would be funny to brush up against me every 5 mins for like 2 hours and when we finally got to the bed room getting undressed took longer then the sex did

  • Biggans72 6 months ago

    It should have ended with naoki walking in and shooting the guys dick off, and then he picks up the shot off dick and throws it at mayo and says “since you love his dick so much you can keep it” and then turns around shoots the guy in the head and walks out!!!

  • awwwwwww man…….so many feels

  • HalfmoonWalker 6 months ago

    I just loved the second girl (whatever she’s called), she was so cute taking advantage of the situation. Sadly, the bitch did not get much time on screen.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    i think the ending should of ended like one hentai where he catches his wife fuckiing they shot him and her cant remember the name but thats what this should of ended kill the bitch for cheating and kill the asshole that touched what is urs

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    I would’ve just said fuck it it’s over & fuck the other bitch

  • bloody duck 6 months ago

    how come it dnt end 2 a fight?he cnt even delete her voice…what a baby… – _ – ;

  • Ancient gear golem 6 months ago

    Lol why was he staying their like an asshole watching if it were me that nigga would’ve got fucked up so bad and that bitch I would’ve raped the shit outta her till she drops dead

  • Manucrazy 6 months ago

    At least he got some more pussy thou

  • Mogemoge 6 months ago

    Wow it is still hard to get used to Netorare but i thought it was okay the ending made me laugh a bit concerning the whole cant erase the message i was thinking, that other bitch obviously wants it why not just forget bout the ho that loves a new dick. Move on

  • Nightmare 6 months ago

    If you don’t take care of your girl , someone will take care of her in your place.
    This guy was an idiot and it’s his fault. Altough I don’t like this kind of hentai I can’t re-watch normal ones forever…

    • Cephei 6 months ago

      What do you mean by “don’t take care of your girl”? Clearly, Naoki treated her with love and respect. The slut is at complete fault, cheating on Naoki without any reason to begin with.

      • Anonymous 6 months ago

        If you leave your bitch for a long period of a time the whore gonna get lonely and will start to desire some dick. Face it kid once a bitch gets the cock than that slut is sealed with a new life of sex and cheating. I’m not being an ass just stating the truth. Remember if you love your bitch than never leave her.

        • Anonymous 6 months ago

          So true

        • Pururin 6 months ago

          The real way to keep a woman; don’t refer to all women as “bitches” and don’t act like all women are thirsty sluts that can’t keep their legs shut if you so much as leave town. Some women cheat, but that’s their individual problem. Just show your lady respect, and if she cheats she’s a worthless slut, move on.

  • Not bad in my perspective I think he shoulda grabbed a bat and bust em both up but its still ok and too much glosg

  • HentaiLover 6 months ago

    You know where all hentai lover here but there are only two different type of people here one that love rape and cheating and other that hate rape and cheating me I hate rape and cheating but when you run out of video to watch and don’t want to look up porn you are forced to watch this type of terrible hentai video that gives you a hard boner and a feeling of depression

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Don’t know why you people hate on cheating so much since its a normal thing in life but whatever it’s your life not mine. And if your looking for a butt load of hentai try hentaischool

      • Toby Lau 6 months ago

        Huh, I didn’t know that cheating is considered normal in life.

        • Perhaps it is not considered normal, but rather a taboo. But nevertheless, the practice remains quite common.

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      So true

    • I feels you ;~;

    • TOMODOSHI 6 months ago

      so glad other ppl dont like rape and cheating there was only on cheating hentai i liked it was lover in law but because there was love in it
      (i must sound like a fuckin hippy with all this love stuff….

  • Anon9 6 months ago

    He should of burst right in there as soon as he saw them kissing, beat the living shit out of the blond dude and then confronted her. Pussy ass dudes not willing to keep people off their property ain’t worth keeping them.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    ma-ho indeed

  • oneman 6 months ago

    this is kinda sick, i mean the guy was turned on by another man impregnating his women, low Self-esteem. but i jerked off anyways.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    I don’t know why I thought of this and why I’m going to type it, but I had this weird ass fantasy where I was fucking a girl just before I cummed my load into her she dies…Two things, firstly damn bitch dies at the most important part of sex and secondly what a waste of sperm :(

  • Just wow…

  • not bad 6 months ago

    i hate cheating but i love the sounds in this hentai

  • nice guy 6 months ago

    haha dudes fault guys should’ve took care of his women but i liked this anime first time i liked this kind of anime cause that guy got 2 fuck another girl but seriously if this happens 2 me i’ll nuke that hotel their having sex in

  • Forever Loner 6 months ago

    I didn’t get half of this episode but I don’t like cheating eiher way and I don’t like rape, but I somehow are in revenge rape videos

  • Heatre 6 months ago

    The BITCH LEVEL, ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heatre 6 months ago

    I got watch this now after all the bitch comments

  • thatoneguy 6 months ago

    Somehow i got the feeling throughout this entire episode that the dark haired one was screaming like that because she was trying desperately to lie to herself and that something brutal happened between her and the blonde douche that we don’t know about…. weird because it kind of pissed me off and i usually enjoy rape hentai. maybe because he broke her and her spirit is no longer “pure”? idk…

  • That dude is a bitch and he should bitch slap that girl that is fucking that guy.

  • sadsf 6 months ago

    ok that dude is a bitch, WHO THE HELL was that other chick, AND HOW DID HE HAVE A HARD ON THROUGH THAT? still that dude is a bitch lol

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      That dude is a bitch probably on the bitch leader boards. He can probably bitch that guy to death because he’s that much of a bitch! And that slut oh she has no idea who’s she’s messing with, you see our fellow bitch is no normal bitch oh no he’s the bitch overlord! Gays and other bitches all bow down before his bitching strength, no normal person nor slut can withstand the mighty bitch overlord “Long ass speech of Bitchitude” and the almighty BITCH SLAP 2.0!(2,578,431 bitches has tested it) And if all else fails he could always bitch about his bitchy life…

  • Cliffhangers OP 6 months ago

    Wtf does hentaigasm keep taking down new hentai? They jus put new hentai a few days ago.. Then decided to take all 3 of them down and this isn’t the first time this is happening.. This website is becoming trash since they don’t release new content and if they do.. Its after a super long time and then they take down that new content for some reason..

    • Raiden 6 months ago

      My guess is copyright issues. I’d rather lose some episodes of hentai than lose the whole site.

      • NobodyEpic 6 months ago

        It’s copyright issues guaranteed. Any hentai that’s removed from this site is due to copyright.

      • This Guy 6 months ago

        It seems like most of the videos left on this site are rape hentai…I don’t like the tradeoff either way.

    • Otaku4Ever 6 months ago

      It’s hard for them to post because new hentai take a while before they are released.

  • draxler 6 months ago

    are all hentai girls voiced by the same people

  • wishy washy 6 months ago

    i love how butthurt these comments are over the chick “cheating”. The dude left her without saying anything. Think a girl is gonna sit around and wait not knowing you’re coming back or not? Please….

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Holy shit someone other than me isn’t a little wussy ass bitch that complains about ntr cheating and rape. And you’re so right it’s not easy to hold off your sexual desires, can’t blame the bitch for cheating hell this happens alot in the real world. These little shits properly don’t know jackshit about what really happens in the real world. A sad sight to see a real shame, fucking whiners.

  • I hate this , getting me pissed

  • Roshan4ever 7 months ago

    i know its hentai logic but in real world you get your dich chopped off for banging someones bioch

  • This makes me angry

  • shandon69 7 months ago

    I hate porn dealing with cheating or rape, its fucked up. I don’t even know how people are turned on by this shit, I was depressed for him. Seeing that purple haired whore was a bigger turn off for me personally

    • sprigun 7 months ago

      i know dude me too… but sometimes girls can be as cute and look like fuckin pure angels but inside they’re just fuckin bitches

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      Yeah she was so sweet but she’s a fuckn slut who betrays her man just for the feeling of a cock

  • Ancient gear golem 7 months ago

    If you like this you must enjoy playing with dog turds

  • I fucking hate the feeling after this cheating shit, the other chapters of this series are even worse! they’re about his mom acting like a whore. Fuck this shit man, it’s so cruel. Glad to read I’m not the only one who thinks this.

  • Twisted 7 months ago

    did they remove some of the recent uploads?

  • TwistedVoices 7 months ago

    Deaths statement is true as shit

  • TwistedVoices 7 months ago

    Hentai Watchers: Only motherfuckers who when they are pleased think about the story

  • Otaku 7 months ago

    I don’t understand why NTR hentai like this one has a boy, sorry a man with 5:7 inches tall just looking at a glass window while his GF is having sex. ITS FUCKING glassdoor. Just smash in and beat the guy senselessly until he will leave ur GF alone. IDC if his fking @@@ is hunging out, just aim at his face. Afterwords, try apologizing ur GF all all the things u have done. IS THIS TOO DIFFICULT…??

    • The-dude-that's-in-your-kitchen-eating-your-food 7 months ago

      This is just my theory, but hentai, whether sick, twisted, cute, loli or fappable; is basically just a manifestation of the creator’s sexual fantasies… Basically they imagine themselves raping, cheating, loliconing, turning the nicest chics into bitching sluts, etc… So don’t blame the characters. It’s not they’re fault they were created to be sluts, wimps, idiots, bitches, douches, or all look like 7 year old children even though they just came out of college…

      It’s the creators’ fault! THEY’RE the TRUE bitches!

      • Death 7 months ago

        I would like a hentai w/ cheating if the guy also cheats…then I’m gonna be like.,,revenge bitch!

    • shandon69 7 months ago

      Good thing I’m not in his position. I would’ve been imprisoned for beating the shit out of that guy and crippling him. And smacking the shit out of that whore lol

      • sadsf 6 months ago

        but not the chick? fuck that other dude that chick would get the blunt force……OF MY D lol

  • I kinda wish there is a sequel so we see what happens to the guy like he gets a promotion finds a nice decent girl or a harem then the blue hair girl shows up because the other guy got tired of her and then she realizes that the only guy that truly liked her was pushed away so she trys to fix the relation ship but then the guy is like fuck off …. I only seen that two times in the one abot the teacher well in the manga in the anime version it ended to be continued and the other one was about a guy whos wife leaves him for his boss and sends the divorce papers and the guy ends up sleeping with his cousin, his wifes mom and his boss wife who tried to kill him then in the end they are all living together then his wife comes in and he’s pretty much says fuck of and so those everyone else… To me when something ends in a tragedy I whant to know what happens in the future after that tragedy like otome dori what does he do does he divorce his wife that’s the stuff that I want to know

  • the 4th rapekage of the hidden porn village 7 months ago

    too pixel

  • Lantern's might 7 months ago


  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    So much hate on ntr cheating why?! Is this the most hated hentai tag or is everyone just a soft ass piece of paper that been used to clean some dirty homo ass for weeks no…no months daily! What I’m trying to say is that the bitching level on ntr cheating already surpassed it’s limit. So much hate and retarded comments the fuck…

    • I can't think of a fake name. 7 months ago

      shut the fuck up, your complaining bout ppl bitching when your doing the same thing, you gay ass homo.

      • bitchception 7 months ago

        you’re bitching about him bitching about the other people bitching. we need to go another level deeper.

        • Annoying Mother4cker 7 months ago

          Just quit with the damn bitching, u little 4ckers!

          • The-dude-that's-in-your-kitchen-eating-your-food 7 months ago

            Let’s just all bitch to our hearts content?

  • First came Soredemo Tsuma Wo Aishiteru, Now, this. ¬¬

  • I feel like there should be a murder or suicide in this.

    • @Hentai Demon, suicide is the easy way out. In any case, it is moronic for the main male character to commit suicide. If you were in his position, ask yourself if she is worth dying over, especially the way she greedily fucks another man. She would let a jackass come inside her instead of her boyfriend. A worthless slut like her doesn’t his time of the day, let alone his life. Still, something has to happen to her before she became this brain-dead slut. The story can take two routes: 1) The main male character can go out and take revenge on both of them. 2) the main male character can investigate and find out what happened to his slutty gf after he left town. He will deal with the people that are responsible for it. The girl with the brown hair could have been the one responsible for all this. Picture an unrequited love girl planning and plotting to steal the main character’s heart via turning his gf into a selfish slut. There are quite a few routes this hentai can go…

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        I like sluts. There easy to find and they only want sex, none of that romance shit just straight up fucking woo!

        • Death 7 months ago

          If I was naoki i’ll fuck other girls and stop crying for a shit like maho……

  • Hentai Demon 7 months ago

    Its bullshit, Take it of the site

  • Shivermypickle 7 months ago

    that ending sucked -_-

  • LordGOTH 7 months ago

    this story is killing my dick

  • Was… Was this supposed to be good? I mean… Sex wise, it was the same position for almost 20 minutes… In both pairings! Story wise, it’s just ridiculous. I mean, I know it’s supposed to by NTR, but the only story is Maho, slowly breaking to jack ass’ will, but she was already broken. The entire story is just being completely hypocritical. Design wise, the bodies were… alright? I guess. Mr. NoBackbone had a really long face and the mismatched color between the penis and the rest of the body’s skin is still something to get used to, but it’s fine. But Maho’s outfit is inconsistent the whole way through and the focus always seemed to be on her heart-shaped thong rather than the actual sex.

  • JustANormalGuy 7 months ago

    I actually prefer the weird tentacle/monster hentai over this…

    • Ken-G 7 months ago

      Righttt! I hate ntr cheating shit

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Your a freak! Only creeps would choose tentacle/monster hentai!

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Gotta agree with the other dude for saying that you’re a freak! If you would have said anything else(besides gay porn) than I would have agreed with you, but seriously tentacle/monster sex!? You are truly messed up I mean I understand the ntr cheating could be tough for you little soft ass critters but for fuck sake tentacle porn!? The fuck is wrong with your head!

      • I can't think of a fake name. 7 months ago

        Both are fucked up you dick weed.

        • Anonymous 7 months ago

          Cheating isn’t that messed up it’s kinda part of life, mostly everyone cheats on their girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife. But that tentacle and monster porn is fucked up! You see these strange creatures shoving their cocks in a girl fucking the living shit outta her or these tentacle that gang up in one hole. So if you can’t handle ntr cheating you fuckin ugly wuss than that sucks because mostly everyone gets cheated on or does the cheating!

  • Blah! 7 months ago

    Too bad. That’s the end of the story. I’ve looked up Yama Hime No Hana episode 2 and the story was about a dude’s mom acting like a slut by fucking guys as young as her son. It’d be great if they continue from the first chapter and provide a better ending.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    shit and just shit that just pissed me off

  • pissed off 7 months ago

    This shit just pissed me off >:(
    Fucking whore.

  • rpgadik 7 months ago

    Its like blue triangle but this one does not have a good story. Pure whorepower. Haha

  • Keaghan 7 months ago


  • Nyan :3 7 months ago

    Is this supposed to be NTR ?? xD

  • Tig Ol' Bitties 7 months ago

    Naoki should sneak into her house and rape her then when he’s done, he takes off his mask and kills himself saying “It’s your fault this happened” Right before he blows his brains out. Either that or go out like Bangkok Dangerous.

    • That’s such a stupid suggestion. Why would you even thinking about killing yourself for a whore? That’s just moronic. Naoki should just treat her like a slut and fuck her like the slut that she is. Treat her like a cum-dumpster.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    I’ve read and seen so much NTR and cheating that it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to anymore =/.

  • fucking bitch 7 months ago

    this shit pissed me off now im pissed god dam it

    • ur dick 7 months ago

      I already know every anime in here are going to get raped

  • vulcan300 7 months ago

    This kind of thing makes you think so much about how cruel life can be, not all is bliss, why there is infidelity. good story :)

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    I’m seeing almost no defence for this vid… Good.

  • Okay.... 7 months ago

    It was really… SAD :(

  • Well I love watching hentai, but not on this one. After I see that blonde guy I stop watching because I know this will be cheating. I feel sorry for the guy who love the violet hair girl. Tsk

  • Brunette FTW 7 months ago

    Well the Brunette girl ROCKED ! Scvrew the purple-haired slut ! Hope she freezes in hell !

    • dallface 7 months ago

      i think that a bitch move right there

    • fffff 7 months ago

      don’t worry mawhore will be sent to hell and she will grow a thousand dick and satan would burn it over and over again . Hahahaha .

  • HOLY FUCK 7 months ago


  • Cervantes de León 7 months ago

    Eh… pretty lame and lazy netorare stuff. No attempt at realism or characters that behave like human beings.

  • Fk this shit 7 months ago

    This storyline doesn’t even seem legit

  • Freeze 7 months ago

    I hate it when i come here to watch hentai then get sucked into a: this story is too fucked up. mentality….there’s worse, of course but this is still fucked up

  • emurder99 7 months ago

    hey i feel all you guys pain i watched this episode before and when she finished fucking her boyfriend and she got a call from the other blonde hair prick the neighbor showed him pics that maho the blue or raven haired slut hore bitch has been fucking around with other men and tells him to give up on her and yes she loved every inch of dick pounding her dumb bitch.

  • I stopped watching after I saw the blonde hair guy
    I knew where this was going

    • FUCK RAPE TAGS!!!!!!!!! 7 months ago

      Yeah I stopped their also man freaking hate that kind of cheating.

    • Well now I know I’m not the only one

  • The ending in the doujin is different in a less sad soft of way. The dude keeps on getting calls from his now presumably ex-girlfriend, but he chooses not to answer the calls. He says in the end, “I probably didn’t love her enough”.

  • Confirmed 7 months ago

    Remember kids; Bitches ain’t shit but hos n tricks.

  • ty3 the don 7 months ago

    i just watch it damn i feel for this guy

  • The Fucker 7 months ago

    Kill that dam BITCH!!!!

  • weedman 7 months ago

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for him.

  • Raúl 7 months ago

    This Ntr was just: she fucks her lover and he fucks other girl. I liked this hentai.

  • Damnit Bitch

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    This is the only chapter. There is no second chapter

  • Henti fan 7 months ago

    I have to say kill the blue haired bitch and move away with the neighbor and also kill the guy that stole her away from you

  • Red X 7 months ago


    • Khorito 7 months ago

      I fucking agree. That damn bitch. I’d fuck the neighbor unconscious and then beat the shit out of the dude and kill the bitch.

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        Like you have the balls to kill her haha!

        • Hikky 7 months ago

          Ex did the same thing to me but I got her back I fucked her best friend.. She didn’t handle it well when she found out

          • niito 7 months ago

            hahaha this type of story is surprisingly real ahhahaa, also that bitch maho looks kinda similar to the lead heroine of Kimi no iru machi hahaha and congrats to that ex-friend at least the ntr’ed guy didn’t end that bad.

          • Shadow 7 months ago

            Good. Bitch deserved it. Good job.

  • I have actually seen this somewhere before quite a while before now so this isn’t that new. Honestly this is no where near as bad as otome dorei, not sure what the creators are thinking when they make these kinds of hentai.

    • I just saw otome dori all I have to say is that was too fucked up I would have murdered everybody and tortured that chick I can’t believe this that’s so fucked up when I see shit like that I just wanna punch someone

      • Batman 7 months ago

        On the subject of fucked up hentai: go watch both episodes of euphoria….that shit got me to stop watching hentai for about 5 or 6 months, and will give you a clear definition of a fucked up hentai….

  • Thank you for the new stream! Woohoo! And it’ SSO GOOD!!! Love ya guys ;)
    Also really liked the progression in this one :D

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    Damn this hentai bought unwanted memories from my high school days

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    I couldn’t even finish watching this.

  • I went into this thinking this cant be that bad as you guys say but then it was no no no why over and over and the ending fuck man need a ep2

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    This is why hate ntr it’s just so wrong the people who come up with this need some help. And that is coming from a pervert who watches hentai when he is bored oh and there is the fact that this shit actually fuckin happens what is wrong with people seriously that bitch is why women are the worst hypocrits ever they say that they aren’t play things or that cheating like a whore is wrong and then they do this. My heart is racing now since I’m so effing mad I want to hit this girl in the face kill the bastard who is fucking her and the send her off to rehab where she has to wake up from all the shit she caused then live with it for the rest of her life

  • the only way to fap if it had no subs for me at least

  • dam, this made me soft and want to cry a little after watching it. I would of beat the shit out of the guy with an steel rod then leave without saying anything to maho.

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    Dammit i came here to watch hentai , but now i feel sad because this history is fucking sad. Nice english

  • New Hentai, means everyone will flock to it and COMMENT! 7 months ago

    Wtf are you doing, read the Name Line. Now back to my comment. I’m sick of people bitching about other people bitching. STFU and accept their comments because they are cumming for you.

  • The-dude-that's-in-your-kitchen-eating-your-food 7 months ago

    I… I just can’t fap to that. Don’t get me wrong, the fucking was completely fappable. But the cheating… And the ending… Hit me right in the feels.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    I’m so sick of everyone bitching about this hentai seriously if you don’t like this one or just plain cheating then go watch something else it’s as simple as that. You whinny little shits!

    • Hentai rater 7 months ago

      Then don’t read the comment

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        Oh look at you being a smartass pff Internet these days

        • Toby Lau 7 months ago

          Hentai rater has a point. If you do not like a certain comment it is best to move on and not care instead of condemning them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on something or someone no matter how ridiculous it can be as long as it does not cause social harm.

        • Anonymous 7 months ago

          Anonymous is a faggot name created by a bitch they got raped by his uncle’s grandpa. Pfft internet fags these days.

          • Anonymous 7 months ago

            Did you just call yourself a faggot? I’m sorry but did you just insulted yourself or are you actually gay?

            • Shadow 7 months ago

              People have a right to say or even complain. So yeah quit trolling and bitching you trolls.

  • bitch please 7 months ago

    Seen it

  • not a virgin 7 months ago

    filthy whore, i was to upset to even be able to fap to this

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      You’ve gotta marathon Otome Dori. It was worse than this since you got to see the MC have his heart crushed as his love is ripped from him. I can’t fap to it either, but I still enjoy NTR.

  • Hi I am a girl 7 months ago

    that was so fucking depressing!!!! and It was so stupid how he didn’t feel that girl jumping on his dick also that she was fucking talking to him for like 30 min!!

  • ihatemygirlfriend 7 months ago

    my girlfriend cheat me you can have her.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Never was a fan of “cheating” thought it would be more like pure sex with lovers and not with other guys.haizzz.expected too much

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Cant help but giggle when the queefing happened. Never heard that before in a hentai

  • obvious 7 months ago

    anyone else realize that no cheating hentai ever made that the guy does tell the girl that he saw her cheating with another man?

  • I thought naoki would intervene while maho was at it and bust a foursome with maho’s friend -_- but I can only dream hahaha

  • bonersoup 7 months ago

    Not that bad, naoki got his lol when shit hits the fan hit up your ex-girlfriends friends haha if not then oh the fuck wells! That’s life! Lol

  • Fuck dude I came here too jack off not ball my eyes out.
    At first I got hard but then they got serious with all the flashbacks to when
    They were in high school and how much she wouldn’t be like that and the I
    Love naoki shit and the way she changed. Should’ve been an anime not a hentai.

  • spitfire 7 months ago

    Tell my girlfriend I care ._.

  • madwOLF 7 months ago

    Hey guys do you know another site of hentai? Thanks

  • Iceyy 7 months ago

    Poor, Poor Naoki. I’ve been there. :r

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    I came here to fap not to feel.

  • Carrot sama 7 months ago

    I Fapped to this without any trouble i am a monster D:

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    That cheating bicth fucking whore

  • Is there going to be a part 2

  • king of the onaholes 7 months ago

    man maho’s old friend is really thirsty for noaki that wasn’t pity sex she just wanted to fuck him and she used maho being a cheating bitch to do it

  • Awww shit… It has a cheating tag. This doesn’t look good…

  • Many ejaculations later... 7 months ago

    Bet in the next one he kills himself

    • Probably 7 months ago

      Its pretty fucked up to have to listen to all that. xD I dunno, I think anyone would kill themselves after that.

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        Only pussies would commit suicide, but real man would endure the pain and move on!

    • king of the onaholes 7 months ago

      nah he’ll get that other chick pregnant and be straight

  • FEELS 7 months ago

    I don’t want to feel that feel anymore T_T

    I just wanted Naoki to tell Maho “I saw and hear all of it.” or something like this. Damn, last time i felt this angry and sad was 6-7. episodes of Freezing: Vibration if you know what i mean…

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      You got pissed off? On a hentai? Just because that bitch is a whore!? Are you fucking serious!?!?!? Well I don’t blame you this is the Internet, good luck with your rage fapping but be careful dont want little old pissed off to burst.

    • yea, i saw those episode too, when your step-brother was touching her and shit, with her locked in chains and he was all over her, i thought she got rape and lot your virginity to her step-brother. But in this story it was not just her who cheated he did too, by fucking another women outside. But i don’t care what he i doing and why, because i want him to get back at her, not like “I Can” the hentai in here (go find it and watch it) so yea, i woulda have Naoki fuck her, infront Maho.

  • poor guy….hope to see more of this tho

  • king of the onaholes 7 months ago

    this isn’t that bad it’s kinda realistic, a hentai that’s really fucked is otome dori man it’s so sad and good that you’ll cry fapping

  • honesty 7 months ago

    Noob is totaly right about this… He got sex afyer he has a change to get another gf and dump her but thats not it… Because of the commemts i thought ooooh no not a other netorare but it actually isnt one so badly… If u guys seen the ntr hentqis i saw u would have wanted to punch some one (here me first and worst ntr i saw for if u wanna punch some1 after “i can”) enjoy^^

    • That’s how you know this is a good hentai people are so into it they talk about it :0

  • At least he got pity sex I kinda wanna see what happens next though not as fucked up as everyone sayin and he found out before she got pregnant and gave birth

    • Question 7 months ago

      Honestly, I always got the vibe that the “friend” was actually the most fucked up one of the bunch. Something in the dialogue, some kind of subtext makes me think she PUSHED Maho into giving into the other guy, turning her into a cheating slut and destroying the relationship because she wanted him for herself. She was quick to blame him for Maho cheating on him (like that was his decision) but obviously didn’t stop her either, and was too quick and eager to fuck him herself.

      Claiming Maho knows he’s going to see the pictures, knows he’s seeing them through the window, but afterwards leaves a message asking him what’s wrong?

  • I'm a Hater 7 months ago

    Lol I’m so piss watching this shet ^^

  • I'm a Hater 7 months ago

    Fck I hate watching rapist wanna kill all those bastards. ^^

  • anime king 7 months ago

    But then again you have to know how to please a women

  • anime king 7 months ago

    That is part of life the funny thing is he fucked maho then got fucked again he should have walked in there while fucking that girl then maho would probably be looking stupid

  • Fonzo 7 months ago

    Man watching hentai makes me afraid to get in a relationship. the girls like me because i look good but because i have like a 5in erect penis i have no confidence. i talk to girls but i never let them get close to me im afraid they will leave me because of the sex

    • Sakurai 7 months ago

      Not about the size… it’s how you please them before and under the sex man.. Didn’t like this hentai…
      Get a girl tell her, trust her fuck her xD ahaha

      • honesty 7 months ago

        If u couldnt get a boner of this watch “i can” ur dick will fall of xD

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  • Anonymous 7 months ago


  • *UCK YOU 7 months ago


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    FFS I would have broken in their and KILLED that guy fuck the girl in the ass and then fucking killed her MAHO your a fucking WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Player 7 months ago

    I had an experience like this but
    I didn’t catch them having sex just my friend showing
    Me a vid of some guy walking with my girl in my apartment

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    • Death 7 months ago

      It’s hard to find a hentai with full episode. I mean some sites only show a part of hentai not the full episode.

    • someome else 7 months ago

      what site would you use?

  • whore whore and more whores. 7 months ago

    All women are sluts anyways. Hentai is just better at showing it. I dont get one guy that’d be into this. Maybe its for smutty cunts.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    awesome the brown hair girl is hotter anyways

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      I think in the doujin its the brown haired girls fault that Maho was fucking around

  • Dayum.............. 7 months ago

    What a sad hentai :’( video

  • Lydia 7 months ago

    My pussie just squirted out loads while masturbating to this video it mad my body feel ammmmmaaaazang his cock is so big!

  • slivermoon 7 months ago

    i regret my dumas# decision to watch this i am such a f#cking retard

  • Yuuichi 7 months ago

    Seriously wouldhave barged in an killed the guy then maybe id torture the whore but nice hentai

  • Drokar 7 months ago

    reasons why i dont date anymore. id rather be alone then have my heart ripped farther out of me because the next step might be the one that leaves me as a husk of my former self.

  • c.e.g 7 months ago

    i like this but its way to close to what happened to me being cheated on is fucked up and heart breaking because of see my ex gf cheat on me have not had a gf scenes i was 18 im 21 now and am a bit jaded so to anyone that thinks cheating doesn’t fuck with the other go the fuck to hell

  • Fakku 7 months ago

    Damn this was sad as shit

  • Fuck man, cheating hentai always gets to me. Makes me feel like this could happen to my girlfriend. This hentai is so good, yet it makes me so angry, it’s weird. I wish there was more hentai about the guy cheating, so I could be like “I’m so much better than that guy” instead of being “I hope my girlfriend doesn’t come down to this.” Just… shit, man.

  • Ps that funny taste on her lips was my Jizz.

  • I would of walk in back handed her and then stomp Sempai’s nuts. Then be like peace out bitches, i still popped her cherry.

  • Uhwehehe.. 7 months ago

    I feel sad… The ending song really finished me off… I feel sad for that guy… And thats why you should never leave your love alone… I have nothing to say to Maho…

  • This was the worst and that’s coming from domeone who is okay with ntr even tome dori and triangle blue are betteb

  • Anyone else find this hard to get off too i kinda stayed and kept gasping at the fucked up parts lol

    • I was trying for like fifteen minutes straight. Finally got it though. Ably a little because there was no pleasure involved…

  • this reminds me of marriage blues guy bestfriend takes his soon be wife to bed she loves his more then her finanse

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    I think that kind of hentai is sad and i hope it will never happene to me

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Shut up bitch cheating is a part of life! Hell I cheated on my girlfriend and you know what? It was so worth it now I got two whores to fuck everyday whenever I feel like it. Bitches be wanting dicks that’s what females were born for sucking dicks and being pounded. Isn’t life great :D

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        fuck you you pice of shit scum!!! its people like you that gives guys a bad name!!!!

      • No... I'll get pregnant! 7 months ago

        He is obviously trolling, and has never been with a real woman.
        Let’s all gather to mourn and pity this poor insignificant soul’s existence.

        Real men know it is the woman who decides who is worthy to be a king, it is us that gives/allows the power, the queen is foundation of the kingdom, and so often the king forgets that the queen has every capability to destroy his kingdom.
        Ladies make the babies. Remember that. The only thing we need from you is a single sperm. And it is so easy to get millions of those. Otherwise, I say throw him to the lions!

        Be glad I dont rule the world. Lol.

        • phantom 7 months ago

          To often women forget that once u fuck every guy in the kingdom u lose the right to call ur self the queen of the land u become the village “cum dump”

        • phantom 7 months ago

          And that he will an can find another queen while he leaves u to ur…… devices (°;°)

      • V;adimir 7 months ago

        Your perspective on the purpose of woman is demeaning and petty. “Female were born for sucking dicks and being pounded”-that is truly FUCKED UP. Females are meant to keep this species repopulating and thriving. They make great mothers girlfriends and wives. YOU’RE A SAD CONDESCENDING JOCK-PIECE OF SHIT!

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    Huzzah cheating is the best fuck you all ya wusses!

  • He must go kill that bitch and that gay and go get fun with the other girl

  • Hentai rater 7 months ago

    I feel sad for Naomi he seen so nice but then maho is a bitch

  • Erm this nod really is something. Just break up with Maho, she seemed contempt with that dude anyways. Sooner or later she will come crying back, to which you can reply fuck off.

  • Fuck this shit 7 months ago

    Fuck while watching this I got turned off. Man if u was him I would have went in there and say FUCK U BITCH I’m leaving ur ass have fun with that dick

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    So sad ;[

  • Ma-HO is the perfect name for her.

  • at lease he has a backup

  • keep the friend, fuck maho and kill the other guy

  • phantom 7 months ago

    Why is it that in none of these hentai’s does the boyfriend/husband after he finds out burst in kick the guys ass that’s fucking his girl what the feeling of anger doesn’t well up inside is it all just disbelief WTH if I was in his shoes I would smooth bust in an fuck him up an if she tried to stop me I would chain her ass to the bed an leave her there for a day gaged of course can’t disturbed the neighbors now can I

  • GAY POWER!!! 7 months ago

    For fuck sake I hate niggers

    • phantom 7 months ago

      And niggers hate you

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      I hate gays

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        Gays are evil, disgusting, and freaky, all gays should be erased off this planet!

        • V;adimir 7 months ago

          Why? Who gives a fuck? Let gays do their shit and you do yours. How does some dude fucking another dude negatively impact your life? WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE?!

          • Anonymous 7 months ago

            Because gays are a waste of space seriously I wish all of them would just burn, now lesbians that shit is acceptable but no homo shit. So you and all you homos out there can eat a infected midget and die with your shitty homo parade!

            • Allee 7 months ago

              fail troll is fail

              • Anonymous 7 months ago

                How am I a troll I’m only speaking my opinion that gays are evil and that they should all die a slow and painful death. Is that too much to ask? I guess so… Gays should be hanged for their crimes, that’s better :D

  • FAIL

  • dmj702 7 months ago

    This is horrible, hate to say buy the uploader of this website is losing his touch and you always upload cheating bro..step your game up

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Cheating sex is the best man!

      • dmj702 7 months ago

        I just don’t think I’m that type but hey I’m not to judge,maybe he was hitting it right

  • Blade Saiyan 7 months ago

    I hate hentai like this cause it always brings back bad memories

  • Ancient gear golem 7 months ago

    Wow that fucking whore oh well he has that other girl

  • place i pay for

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    its bee over a month since a update and this is what we get least the other hentai that got uploaded was decent better then this crap this one was just depressing main dude better off finding him a sweet gf and leaving that girl to be the whore that she is

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    Its been almost a full month. Upload More please.!!!!!

  • alot new ones came out swing out sisters 2 ,tayu tayu 3 came out rinkan club 4 out

  • Jasper 7 months ago

    God dammit… I just want to throw my computer out the window, I know this is fiction and hey, I’m usually fine with cheating but it was something about this that made my heart ache like it never has before (in terms of watching hentai)

    • Jasper 7 months ago

      Well… in a way this makes me happy. It proves to me that I have yet to be completely ruined by failed relationships and internet exposure.

    • There’s no way you could survive triangle blue then. It nearly threw me into the hole called depression. Now look at me, able to jack off to horrid shit like this. I do admit, it was hard to do, but it worked. Moral of the story: you survive triangle blue, you can watch nearly any descusting thing with a straight face.

      Grammar rules!

  • Hotaka 7 months ago


  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    the animation was alright but that story was heart wrenching.

  • For fuck sake its one of those stupid horrible animes

    • hentailuver 7 months ago

      its a hentai not an anime

      • Jasper 7 months ago

        Hentai is adult anime you fucking retard

        • Mr.Takamoto 7 months ago

          Actually hentai means pervert we as americans or others outside of japan portray it as cartoon porn when in reality it just means pervert. The correct terminology for this kind of japanimation is actually called ecchi.

  • For fuck sake its one of those stupid horriable animes

  • Glad Hentai isn't real 7 months ago

    I got kind of pissed watching this. I don’t understand girls like Maho. Just can’t relate to them. Glad none of my friends are like this. We all hate and can’t stand cheaters.

  • Dr.sorryforaids 7 months ago

    I can’t help but have a total stomachache this makes me sick and what really grindes my gears is that I have to watch it, it’s like a feeling where when I start i can’t stop

  • Dr.sorryforaids 7 months ago

    Fuck her I would have carried the girl on my dick while my girl is cheating and tell her to get the fuck out while I fuck the shit out of my new girl friend you bitch and I would have told my upperclasmen that I fucked his mom

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Naoki grow that dick of yours and take back that whore and make that man feel the pain

  • Daimao 7 months ago

    That maho is a totally a whore.
    Is a fake friend.
    Girls just like maho i hate them with all of my heart

  • shadow 7 months ago

    I have seen all three new videos already from another site (-_-) sorry …….. and the video im watching again wins the WHORE OF THE YEAR FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW LADIES(I know some out there u watch hentai) AND GENTALMEN NOBODY CAN BEAT THE WHORE MAHO WANNA PROVE ME WRONG TELL ME THEN I VIST THE SITE EVERYDAY (that’s bad iknow but I stoped caring

  • Slim Shady 7 months ago

    What is this hatred I’m feeling in my heart right now
    oh wait I know what is.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Waited 3 weeks for only 3 new videos.. Damn upload a little faster atleast

  • Tenshi 7 months ago

    This is the type of hentai that i really dont like but i still watching xD