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February 8, 2014

Hentai: Yama Hime No Hana

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  • The fuck 6 hours ago

    Y’all need to chill out, hentai is a fantasy nothing more. The story isn’t real so don’t get all emotional. Just orgasm like everyone else and get over it. This shit is hot

  • this highkey hella sad yo

  • AlphaTeslazx2 1 month ago

    well. look on the bright side hes got another bitch to fuck so my ending is him saying “burn in hell bitch” on his last phone call and then just every night fuck the girl and he is happy :) its not so bad see?

  • ¬†Alone 1 month ago

    It’s really hard for you seeing your love cheating and being another man’s partner and it’s really hard to forget your love :(

    • Hateful Soul 1 month ago

      And that’s why I chose to be hateful cleansing this ultimate pain and despair and be reborn to something imperfection.

  • Thank before you act 2 months ago

    Have you guys never heard of a saying? “One who can adore pain till the end will always have joy in the end”! I know most human aren’t forgiven soul, times like these you should forget them and move on. No point in feeling angry or sad about some bitch who cheat on you.

    • Hateful Soul 2 months ago

      It’s not just about cheating sluts. It’s about deceiving ones to put it in generally you can’t trust all men and women. I’ve seen what love can do. Because some males and females deceive people only to gain trust. Because they want either steal something or kill someone. And another thing why do men like to rape women it’s because some like picking on the weak, some love to feel pleasure or anything that satisfies them. That’s why I believe in hatred can bring peace. Love can bring ultimate pain through loss and betrayal. You can think I’m being delusional but I’m just seeing truth and reality.

      • deep words are deep 1 month ago

        for a person commenting on a hentai, damn your words are deep

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