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  • DAMON 7 months ago

    Why didn’t he ever fuck the girl that originally entrapped him? The purple haired one with the shirt with all the colors. Anyways, great stuff, this dude slaying it from 9 to 5, I love it. He even turned his sister straight, proving it is a choice lmao.

    • Anonymous 7 months ago

      Well, he did in episode 3 for screwing his life over.

      • Anonymous 7 months ago

        He never fucked the girl from episode one that entrapped him, she had glasses and a panda on her shirt. The girl he fucks in ep 3 is his sister’s lover. I’m pretty sure? Idk it’s so hard to follow these sometimes. But the girl from ep 1 and ep 3 look nothing alike.

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Why the fuck do they need a “last time on…” scene explaining the events of the last episode when the first 3 minutes explain the entire plot as a whole. Just seems redundant.