• wtf 1 day ago

    Hentai with barely any sex in it. This is what i call trash.

  • Anonymous 6 days ago


  • where is le pen 1 week ago

    I heard revolution was supposed to be an improvement on the original series. So far it’s been rather disappointing. The creators need to get their perverted heads in the game.

    • Anonymous 1 day ago

      So far it hasn’t even been a battle. If they didn’t name it after the original series and instead called it a parody, it wouldn’t have set expectations and caused as much disappointment. But I suppose they did that for bait.

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Great way to get blueballs

  • Gabe 1 week ago

    Such a pointless hentai alt route hope the next episode is final….

  • Helel ben Shahaar 1 week ago

    This has it’s own unique way of being funny.

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