This Hentai was uncensored by mistake: UNCENSORED!


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  • admin 1 month ago

    how do you know if someone really is an admin you can literally make your name admin

  • Curious 1 month ago

    Hey admin, I love the contents of your website. I want to hear your answer if possible. Where do you get the uncensored content is there a website that release official uncensored content or do you use hentAI, Tsuki or DeepCreamPy to modify censored parts of the video?

    • admin 1 month ago

      Some old hentai are released uncensored online in many places

      • Any recommendations for sites with old hentai, that may have been censored but recently uncensored? Those early 2000s censorship was so much worse, ruined some good footage

  • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

    Admin, the websites runss smoothly and fast , but not a single video can be played smoothly , the video players is extremely slow to load , almost as if it doesn’t even connects to the server,
    I have changwd browsers, clear cache, used several different vpns and von locations, the issue remains (i have checked my connection and it is fast and several other sites work well)

    This issue started around the end of march and is still continuing
    At best i get sppeds of about 10-20kb/s

    Whixh is rare
    Most of the time the video doesn’t even load

    I am from Bangladesh though, but i dont think this site is blocked here

    • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

      This site was a crucial resource, fastest upload and many rare series are on here and only here
      So please look into the issue thanks

    • admin 1 month ago

      Strange, I’m trying with a vpn it all loads fine even on bangledesh vpn, switching from desktop to mobile still has the same issue and with vpn? Also can you try the download link and see if it loads fast? It’s on a different server so if that works, it may be a server issue on the videos.

      • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

        Yup :(
        Desktop or mobile , vpn or not
        Different devices ,
        And I’ve tried the download links , they are also slow

        Can you tell me the video server name , so i can check if the video server is blocked or not

      • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

        Ok so for the first time , now when i used vpn the speed became fast , both streaming and downloading was smooth , but ithink this was a one time thing :(
        As ive tried several times before with proper vpn , it didn’t work

        Is it weird that
        Ican access something without vpn , but with vpn the speed becomes faster?

        • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

          Just as expected , speeds down again even with vpn :(
          Admin can you tell me the video servers name ? So i can unblock it if i can

          • admin 1 month ago

            the video server is and

            • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

              Hmm admin it says we’re having trouble finding that site , even with vpn
              Can isp block vpns too???
              Man :(

              • admin 1 month ago

                oops I spelled it wrong, try again. the download server is also on these sites

                • Crazy Lobster 1 month ago

                  bruh why does 2 say lol
                  lmao stop pulling pranks

                  and hgasm3 just prompts a shady download

                  man it is really a bother , that i cant playback the videos :(

                  • admin 1 month ago

                    It’s not a shady download, it’s a text file that says lol

                    • Crazy Lobster 1 month ago

                      yeah i downloaded it ,np
                      i understand , i wouldnt share my source servers with anyone else too

                      ah well , its simply sad , nothing to do
                      it probably is a country issue with submerine cables or something , because with vpns , several other blocked sites work fine
                      but this site itself works super fast without vpn , just the video servers are the issue

                    • Crazy Lobster 1 month ago

                      oh , admin ,last question,

                      Did something happen at around middle of march ?
                      server debugging on any change in servers or anyhting?

                      because thats when the problem started
                      and is still going as you see

                      before that no other site could beat this wether it may be in speed or content

                    • admin 1 month ago

                      It was changed to https in march, then can you click this download link and tell me if it downloads and the speed? I’m trying with a vpn and it works fast.


                      Then try this one, which is hosted directly on this site which you say loads fine.


                      If one loads and the other doesn’t, it might be because of nginx which the video servers run on, then I can check it.

                    • Crazy Lobster 1 month ago

                      (replying to latest message) admin

                      nah man , dosent work , even with vpn

                      sorry for your bother :(

                      ill just wait it out if it ever gets gets fixed

                      the worst part , i dont even know where the problem is
                      is it a blocking issue in my country ? no

                      is it a server issue? no , everyone else seems to work

                      idk what happened

                      anyway thank you for your time :(

                    • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

                      Oh idk if this information helps but

                      At around the same time , along with hentaigasm , hentaibar and several other sites started to have this same issue
                      Site runs smoothly , videos dont play
                      The most drastic effect was on hentaigasm and hentibar as these two were the most reliable and others were always slow

                      Surprisingly enough

                      All the mirrors of hentaihaven that were previously almost impossible to enter due to being slow , started working fine , with videos running smoothly , it acts weird sometimes too , keeps. Uffering , but works better than before

                      This is a bad trade off


                    • admin 1 month ago

                      Ah it may be on your end then, even the video hosted on didn’t work? the second link

                    • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

                      It connected
                      But it connected with speeds of 10-30kb/s
                      Even with vpn

                    • admin 1 month ago

                      Then I’m sorry I wasn’t able to help. If other sites are having the same issues, it seems like speed throttling, specifically towards video files, might be your isp

                    • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

                      Yeah it seems probably submerine cable issue
                      I just went to another place
                      Basically another isp
                      Same issue

                      Just slightly better speeds 50-100kb/s
                      In download
                      No playback

                      Anyway thanks for your time

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      Definitely on your end bud.

      • Crazy lobster 1 month ago

        Hmmmm, sad :(

        Is it possible that it has something to do with submerine cables? If the video server cant properly connect here , there’s no point in trying vpns for me , because in the end everything has to come through the cables , and recently there had been an issue with submerine cables .

    • Same bru,same problem, its been 3 weeks now and i cant watch a single thing on this website