March 6, 2018

Hentai: Kagirohi Shaku Kei Another

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  • Xander Ford 1 week ago

    Oh wow i wish that were me .,.

  • came for the plot

  • Ross 1 week ago

    WHAT? i doesnt understand why Kaed and her friend were killed ? and why Kaede had sex with that guy if he was with the protagonist …

    • Anonymous 1 week ago

      likely based off a game where you can take multiple paths for different conclusions

  • Tite 1 week ago

    This still doesn’t answer the question…why is Kaede a double virgin.

  • The one that causes things... 1 week ago

    Well… I’m confused now…

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    psychotic sociopath raped bitches: my favourite!
    whats next, pyromaniacs? like it could get worse…..

  • lance deathcore skater tamama 1 week ago

    Next episode: anal

  • Yeflynne nature instagram 1 week ago

    Shitty bad art this isnt love this is a horror film bruh that wasnt even perverted it was just bad vibes

    • Bestgore 1 week ago

      but that’s what rape is, a horror. can’t handle that, then gtfo normie

    • Anonymous 1 week ago

      normalfags should just get out

      • Unit 731 1 week ago

        fuck that! let em speak. just dont listening and care

    • ???? 1 week ago

      if you think this is horror you clearly haven’t seen much.

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