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July 13, 2015

Hentai: Gakuen De Jikan Yo Tomare

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  • Top tier 1 week ago

    This one and the one with the berserk guy copy parody are the best series

  • God himself 2 years ago

    If you are reading this comment you will have immunity to this kind of bullshit and don’t have to repost anything. And whoever reposts this type of things is a huge pussy and should be banned from life itself for being so fucking dumb

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    But it’s not a gangbang?

  • Crazy Idea Dude 3 years ago

    That dude could even switch the evidence that will be taken from his father to his dna, so that it would look like the dad did the raping. Then he should have simply used his power to win the lottery and built a new shool for girls aswell as some Organisation to ‘help’ all those he raped. Only to realise that they are all sexcrazed horny chicks that need him and want to have more sex and babies with him. So he ends with the biggest Harem of Hot Horny Chicks and as much money as he likes

  • Sarap magjakol uggh

  • DÜZÜYÜCÜ 4 years ago


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I always found this guy weird, and not just for the time-stop thing. He would have always wanted to rape girls, father or no father, otherwise he’d have just done the minimum to ruin his father’s reputation and left it at that. He may have wanted revenge, but it was still just an excuse. I’m more amazed he didn’t want to just rape virgins for the sake of a tight experience, but wanted each and every one to feel pleasure and climax several times. Can’t figure if it is for a show of dominance or to assuage any lingering guilt over assaulting innocent girls. I doubt it either way.

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      Can these girls can move after the guy left the school?

  • Anony 4 years ago

    This is so evil, idk how people actually animate and and voice act for this!!

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      It’s a strange mystery nobody will ever be able to break


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Its all fun and games until police trace your DNA and you go to prison :/

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    if i have that watch i just go to a shop and get some chips and something delisius to eat :)
    bruh i preffer that ;-; if u do the same that he u just embarrass they and u will get catched and go to the prision bruh

  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • Anonymous 5 years ago


  • KillYourSelf 5 years ago

    Subscribe to PewDiePie

  • SatchUglyGal 5 years ago

    Seriously? how on Earth can this guy not die despite fucking all those girls. Ain’t the witch only granted him time-stop and not unlimited stamina?

  • HERESJOHHNY 5 years ago

    How in the hell is this guys dick still going?

  • ...... 5 years ago

    This is inspiring!

  • NonutNovember 5 years ago

    I hate rape but it feel so good aaaah yaaaa.
    Actually I don’t care if it’s in anime I already watched ntr anime.

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