April 25, 2017

Hentai: Energy Kyoukai!!

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  • This was hilarious and lots of fun. MoRE HENTAI WITH HOT ROUGH CONSENTUAL SEX!

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    onigga chan got rekt

  • Whiteblacknigga 8 months ago

    This anime is great but the futa part ruined the episode :(

  • MightyPenis 9 months ago

    episode 3!?

  • UltraSun 10 months ago

    Always gotta ruin a hentai by adding that pedophilia bullshit. Never should of nuked Imperial Japan. Too many of their great men died.

  • Innocent dude 10 months ago

    Fucking is bad if you not married yet.. I’m a gentlemen

    • You're a bitch. 9 months ago

      I’m not against the idea but it’s not bad to fuck when you’re not married. Just don’t be some promiscuous idiot! Find the right lover before time runs out.

      After your 20s and 30s dating let alone marriage will be harder since everyone who isn’t married by then are fucking nightmares!

  • That kid that Kyouka and that other girl were teaching ‘lewd things’ to was a futa, not a boy. I’m sorry, but no boy has breasts like those, no matter how…petite they are. Also, the anal virginity part at the end ruined it.

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