May 14, 2017

Hentai: Boku No Misaki-Sensei

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  • Encyclopedia Dramatica 6 hours ago

    Only in hentai can a 7 year old boy have a horse’s dick, a six pack and the ability to satisfactorily fuck his own teacher.

  • Anonymous 1 day ago


  • Anonymus 3 days ago

    I’m fucking pissed off that fucking ugly-ass 7 year old NERD gets to dance around that work of art like a PLAYGROUND. LET A MAN HANDLE THAT BEAUTY!!!

    • The Try Guys 3 days ago

      Yea man!!

      • Dossier aka documents 1 day ago

        Buzzfeed can come try this dick! But I wonder…what would feel better? Having sex with a 4 inch dick or with an 8 inch dick? Partner up with Pornhub and try to decide on that guys!

  • Officer Jenny - Elite3 4 days ago

    Omg she’s making it so hard to change!

  • YourLittleNigga 6 days ago

    This is not a crime and anyone who says it is is wrong. This woman gave this little kid gift

    • WSHH 5 days ago

      It’s in a hentai so who cares but in reality having sex with a minor is wrong. Fuck someone your own age you psychotic perverted cunts!

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