This Hentai was uncensored by mistake: UNCENSORED!


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  • Anonymouse 1 week ago

    Fuck and here i thought it was the subbed version. This one needs to be subbed fr

    • Whoopie ghoulberg 1 week ago

      Besides the fact that subbing this would take a week or more, they wouldn’t bother subbing something so vile, sickening, and wrong. They could subtitle 10 regular MAs in the time I’d take to complete this. There’s millions of gay porn websites go to one of those, dog. We gave the gays equal rights, now they’re taking our hentai. Will they stop at nothing?!!

      • Anonymous 1 week ago

        big up whoopie

        • Punk 1 week ago

          Nigga acting like there’s no rape genre on this site. You should stop coming on this site if you’re that sensitive over a fictional characters lmao

          • Anonymous 6 days ago

            What you’re calling sensitivity is actually disgust. Where rape and the like are taboo and fetishes. Being ghey is blasphemous. See? 1 gets you off, the other gets you to hell.

      • Anonymouse 1 week ago

        Get off internet if you’re this weak lmao

    • admin 1 week ago

      There is no viable method to sub something over 30 minutes.

  • If you like dudes fucking other dudes in the asshole, then this is right up your ghey alley. Honestly I’ve never seen something so disturbing and so ghey at the same time. Usually it’s light hearted shit, but this was fucked up. I watched till I saw butt fking, then I dipped real quick. 0/10 highly DONT recommend.

  • Ryushi 1 week ago

    This is Yaoi but to a different degree, it’s non-consensual and depicts something that absolutely happens irl, the animation style reminds you of a fever dream, overall I am more impressed than anything else, sadly this will likely almost never be subbed due to the 50 minute length of the video

    • Anonymous 1 week ago

      You mean rape? Yes, I would most certainly say that happens irl.

      • Ryushi 1 week ago

        Lol calling that as merely rape is quite the way to sugar coat it, but sure, we can go with that

        • Anonymous 1 week ago

          “Merely rape”? As if there’s something worse? Wtf are you talking about?

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Nah ima need this to be subbed fellas