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May 14, 2024

Hentai: Sakusei Byoutou


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  • Anonymous 3 days ago

    waiting for mc to pull out “jokes on you im into that shit”

  • Takeru Neverborn 4 days ago

    Okay I’m convinced that the MC is a Little B***h this nigga is completely shell shocked(PTSD) from this hospital and guess what my Brothers in Christ this hospital is supported by the Japanese Underground Criminal Ring Operations and some of these Nurses are connect I leave y’all guessing which ones are

  • Anonymous 5 days ago

    Damn, nice pee scenes. I’m hopeful. Some eps have been really good others not so much. I like the domination but not physical torture.

  • Anonymous 5 days ago

    deym i remember playing the game.. tachibana still da beat tho

    • Anonymous 5 days ago


    • Anonymous 5 days ago

      Does tachibana come back to our helpless mc?

      • Anonymous 4 days ago

        yeah after she taking care of mc she came back later on.. but i kinda doubt we will see that in animated series