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  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Average Blue Archive fan

  • Chuck Norris 2 weeks ago

    Love the art direction, sex scenes, and story. Very chill. Just a hot bitch and some ol’ fucking, Merica!

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Were is kuro gal ?

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    this was actually pretty heat, very spicy teacher student relationship but without ugly bastard. solid 8/10

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      I too found it very heat.

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Likewise no rape. Good show.

    • Wrong 1 week ago

      Dude that’s not spicy. That’s the sour flavor of hentai like vinegar. But if you want spicy check out the Sakusei Byoutou hentai series. That’s sweet and spicy.