Subbed by Ryushi! We are eternally grateful for him!

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  • DoctorEvil 2 weeks ago

    You’re a god for subbing this work, been hoping to see it and the second part get translated. Also honest opinion for a rough translation it’s quite decent enough.

    • admin 2 weeks ago

      Yes Ryushi did a great job, he might do the second episode later since this is a fav of his as well.

  • Admin, do you think you’re able to sub:
    “A Story About Getting Revenge By Sleeping With The Big-Breasted Girlfriend Of My Bully The Motion Anime”?

    • admin 2 weeks ago

      Ryushi might work on that later on, might take a while, there’s no way I can do this in a viable way since it’s too long.

      • Oh, I see..! I understand..
        Still, thank you very much!

        • admin 2 weeks ago

          Thanks for understanding, a motion anime that long would take over 6 hours, in the same time I can translate 6 new works of regular hentai and get 6x the viewers, or update 20 works and get even more views

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Admin, can you please sub a good MA for us sometime? Would appreciate it.

    • admin 3 weeks ago

      This one’s pretty good and viewer requested, I’m likely leaving subs of motion anime to Ryushi from now on if he’s up for it. It is mind numbing work to do timing for 500 lines, he seems a harder worker than I am.

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Try putting out links for Ryushi so someone can support them

    • Ryushi 3 weeks ago

      I don’t need any support, I just do this on my own free time of my own good will, it’s a rough translation and will never be anything more than that unless I start studying Kanji again lol

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    The scenes on this are mid AF. Also not to be that guy but the translation has multiple errors

    • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

      At least it’s translated fucker

    • admin 3 weeks ago

      You can point out any errors and we can fix them.

      • balllena azul 3 weeks ago

        Bro is always going to see people complaining about the work but put him to do that they don’t even know like that a peep