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  • Ryushi 2 weeks ago

    Hello! A new MA I see, let’s do a short review! ^^
    Title: The mouth is not cheating, right?(Okuchi wa Uwaki ni Naranai no yo(奥地 和 浮気 に ならない の よ)) ~Newlyweds working secret overtime with a beautiful boss~
    Plot Boss seduces young employee starting with felatio, and ramping up to foot jobs before actual sex, and creampie sex, later into toy play/dom/sub it gets right to the sex scenes with little to no dialogue, definitely give this a 4/5
    VA has a beautiful tone and great moans 5/5 Yume Takasaki, there was a second mention of Misuzu as well.
    Animation overall it was very fluid animation with good sex scenes, didn’t feel too repetitive and kept my attention well! 4/5 so a solid 4.5/5 for this Motion Anime! Onto the next!

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Can you do the summary of Love Swapping I Hold My Best Friends Lover And My Lover Holds My Best Friend The Motion Anime? Thank you!

    • edgar 1 week ago

      i give it a 1/5 it looks good the art is fabu but story wise its more cheating then ever

  • Xenox 2 weeks ago

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  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    Another gross fat old hag. Sigh

  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago