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March 27, 2017

Hentai: Majuu Jouka Shoujo Utea

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  • Thick Dick 3 years ago

    Futa better than straight ppl sex

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      Agreed but I wish there were a vanilla female x futanari. This one was like more into forcing her to do stuff.

  • I’m something of a hentai purists. If the animation is good and flawless and… Not all dated like some I watch it. Idk if that makes any sense. I’m picky af basically.

  • Just A Random Commenter 6 years ago

    Puella Magi Madoka Magica hentai edition. With their own little Kyubey.

  • ICHYRU 6 years ago

    Best episode

  • acm1993 7 years ago

    so is this the last one or are there more episodes to come?

  • i would watch hentai with u 7 years ago

    just when there is yuri of course there’s still dicks -_-

    • Potato Chips 7 years ago

      It kind of defeats the purpose of the yuri tag. I mean, it’s still two women going at it. But one of them essentially becomes a man with breasts and a curvy body with a female moan.

    • beotch 4 years ago


  • Rape is good 7 years ago

    Where’s the rape

    • In the turb world (and now europe) 7 years ago

      go and enjoy all the violence, poverty and corruption

  • Donald Trump 7 years ago

    This is why i’m going to build walls around hentai. How can i beat my meat to shit like this?

  • now this site is behind cloudflare – to the site owner – die motherfucker

  • Kitsune 7 years ago

    Weird, the video isn’t showing, even in source 2.

  • rape is good 7 years ago

    We need more rape material

    • Actually we need less if you’re not fucking corrupt inside rape really kills your fucking boner. Raping women is not fun real or fake maybe you should go get raped since you want more material go get raped you’ll have all the material you need.

      • go to pornhub pussy 5 years ago

        maybe u should stfu and go to pornhub and enjoy that pussy vanilla shit? Why are you even here if u don’t enjoy this shit. Fuck off if u can’t take rape then why the fuck did u click on this video.

      • Anonymous 5 years ago


      • Immense Pervert 4 years ago

        Well I mean different strokes for different folks personally I’m depraved enough to get off watching Euphoria only line I don’t like crossing is forced gang rape or forced cheating but still there’s a few exceptions here and there

  • I prefer thermos terrace 7 years ago

    Hope there’s another episode where a guy comes in rapes them and kills them off

    • Saitama vs Suiryu 7 years ago

      savage, they do not have to die, i hope next chapters some ugly bastards monters rape them really hard.