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February 6, 2013

Hentai: Kyonyuu Fantasy

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  • Anonymous 5 days ago

    Does this come uncensored

  • The Almighty 2 years ago

    I forgive you. Only God can do curses. So you should repent for your lies and threats. Never commit to evil and wrongdoing. Serve Satan and he’ll reward you with hell. Serve evil and it’ll reward you with chaos.

    • Anonymous 2 years ago

      We know God can do anything but he wouldn’t do any wickedness. So you too have to ask for His forgiveness. If you follow the evil one, you’ve cursed yourself. Follow Jesus and God and they’ll cure you from it.

  • Skylar Vox 2 years ago

    Good! Lmfao

  • Succubus Control hentai 3 years ago

    A girl as sexy as Shamsiel should have her own damn spin off. lol That girl is fine as hell!

  • Oooh what a feeling when you’re falling from the ceiling 3 years ago

    My rules my house please or else please I will hug you please OR ELSE!!! like a boss fuck bye

  • 777th comment 4 years ago

    That succubus girl is fucking hot! <3 It should of all been about her. Give her the limelight. Keep beating her fine wet pussy up over and over again with her soft big tits moving back and forth. Make that pretty face scream and the sexy body shake.

    • ♡ Alice Redlips ♡ 3 years ago

      now im the 777th comment biatch jk lol beat that pussy up babe ^_^

  • HeartEyesMuthafucka 4 years ago

    There is no way in hell this chick doesn’t have back problems LMAO

    • Those large ass breasts though 4 years ago

      Girls with big boobs better exercise that upper and lower back and do chest workouts. Gravity is gonna hurt you more than help you. Good posture, be strong and don’t let your spine get hurt. You only have one.

  • Raymond 4 years ago

    I wish they could have made episode three to see Ryuto become king and kill those people who opposed him and made fun of him. Getting back at them, he and his succubus friend Shamsiel. You think he was hiding his true abilities in the kingdom of him being a failed knight?

  • Raymond 4 years ago

    Put this as vanilla. The Rurouni Kenshin looking protagonist had consensual sex with the succubus and the damsel in distress.

  • Free Hong Kong 4 years ago

    Best hentai

    • Anonymous 4 years ago

      They’re fucked. They’re surrounded by communists. Those Commies are gonna have those freedom fighters on a leash and worst. The British empire should of just stayed home. Fuck the world. Trade and peace is good enough

    • HK has no welfare state. You are held responsible. How radically! 4 years ago

      Yes this is fucking awesome! Taxation is theft. Donation is giving. You care, then do it. If not, shut the hell up. Pretentious pricks. lol \m/

  • Anonymous 4 years ago


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    as a boob fan + a sub I am quite a fan of this

  • 変態 5 years ago

    VA for male protagonist is actually decent this time

  • Losanze 5 years ago

    God I’d trade half the hentai on this site for two seasons of this because hoo boy it is a classic.

    • Harmony Reigns 5 years ago

      as long as it’s only the rape and pedophile hentai that’s traded in then it’s a fair trade i’d agree with

  • I watch this one every few weeks. one of the few hentai I just can’t get enough of, might just edit together all of the titty fucking parts and repeat/speed up some parts.

  • Losanze 5 years ago

    I will never get tired of this.
    If this site was a god I’d be willing to bet this hentai would be the god’s nectar.

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