• I KNO DE WEY 1 month ago

    Is this de wey bak 2 Uganda my ZIMBABWE frends

    • I know the way of the Samurai 1 month ago

      I’m afraid not my brotha. But don’t bother. Everyday is a horror there just like the majority of the continent of Africa.

    • That's what you all say 1 week ago

      my fren dont. u gon die and become a zombabie

  • WhiteLivesMatter 2 months ago

    and that blondie is proof of it <3

    • Elays camgirl 1 week ago

      lol Same here. If she has white or light skin and she likes me and I like her, it’s on!

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Man that dude with the fro is everywhere

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