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  • Neko Maid-san 4 days ago

    U-umm… how did I get here… umm.. help? Q-Q

  • Epic 4 days ago

    So I saw this hentai in the related vids again and had a good feeling about it so I decided to watch (or,maybe it’s because of “Sparta” in it XD) but then I saw the rape tag and knew the video was going to be unpleasant for me but I still decided to watch. I thought that this hentai was good at first with the epic introduction which looked like a great storyline and it seemed pretty interesting, and I expected that this first girl would get raped and it’s sad, plus the fact that they forced the boy called Yoshiyuki to dress as a girl and suck them is disgusting. And that poor teacher is going to get raped in the next ep, I’ve seen the images, damn… Then there’s Nagisa the main character, I trusted that girl and believed and her, I thought she would stay strong and at the end be the only girl that doesn’t get raped but beats the shit out of the bullies, well no that didn’t happen she got raped easily and got owned by a tazer, so disappointing… Yeah I don’t really want to watch the next episode and all but… no choice it’s a rule I have, I must finish a hentai after starting it.

    • I feel you its like when the girl
      Doesnt want to have sex in the hentai it makes you feel sorry and its kinda a turn off sometimes. Then again i kno its apart of the rape hentai but they dont even fight back AT ALL…

  • wet pussy slut 2 weeks ago

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  • XRumerTest 2 weeks ago

    Hello. And Bye.

  • 闇爆雷〜くん 2 weeks ago

    They need to put an option for Consensual Sex on here, I despise Rape!

  • yolosweg 2 weeks ago

    anyone have snapchat ?

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