• america fapper 1 week ago

    the girls with the glasses need more screentime

  • Doc Emmet Brown 2 months ago

    On a side note, I actually understand why Hiragi killed himself, though it’s still stupid. He commited suicide because he could’ve stopped the rapes sooner, but he wasn’t sure who were he criminals from the begining. He couldn’t live with the thought of the girls being raped,knowing he could’ve avoided that, so he slit his own throat.

  • Doc Emmet Brown 2 months ago

    According to my calculations… all those assholes had it coming. Ok, I would have sow them in half with a rusty chainsaw at the lowest power while they are being hanged from their legs. And then I would’ve droped their bodes in a mixture of sulphuric gas and nitric acid. Only then, I’d feed the remains to the stray dogs. Oh, and I can also use their head as Halloween bags, after I will empty them of course of all the organs and other crap that resides in there. All of them for science, of course.
    Only then… I will be satisfied with this movie.

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