May 8, 2018

Hentai: Ura Jutaijima

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    the jews did this

  • science 2 months ago

    Its unnatural that women would want to be pregnant from a guy that can only do 1 thing well. If we would you go back 100 000 years women would try to select the best male for there progeny. Since a male can impregnate every 12 to 24 hour and a female get pregnant for 9 month and during the 9 month they eat like 2 people and many other things. But i really feel like it the basic natural thing is that women dont want good guy because they dont want there child to be too nice and weak, if you look at it from chosing the best male for a progeny a lot of things suddenly make sense . I think they do all of that by instinct. It really feel unnatural when you ear a women bragging about the fact that they fuck many guy Bitch 90 % of guy would fuck a fat women just because they drink one beer and they needed a release. Unnnatural , Rape is actually more natural than a women bragging like they where men because they fuck many guy. Female duck evolve around the fack that male duck would rape them so they have multiple fake vagina when they consider the male to be too weak.
    If you think that you are more than an animal because you live in a condo drive little car and you are part of the human race. Am sorry you are just very evolve primate that evolve to fast for himself. You can say human ego is pretty big since every animal on earth is an animal and human the only living being on earth are not considered like an animal but human are simian primate also placental mammals.

    You basically need to become alpha. What does an alpha do
    -And alpha is never stress or care if women to give him attention because he is alpha so if she is not providing another female will, try to remove any sign of weakness like try to never be in a position where a women can have power on you. Its pretty sad but you need to not care especially in the beginning. Its complicated because you need to show appreciation but at the same time you need to show that you will be ok without her. your just happy she is with you and if she want to leave dont show any sign of weakness like trying make her stay playing the victim like you would not survive without her.


  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    I’m a real fan of pregnant stuff.

    • science 2 months ago

      am not a fan of the pregnant thing, since a women eat like 2 people and get all sort of hormones that help her become some sort of protector for the progeny . I can enjoy rape because naturally even if a women is disgusted by a troll looking human they still get wet from the touch. I think that why rape have such an impact on female because they feel good but its fight between the brain and body . The brain is experiencing the worse experience in is life but body react normally. That why women can get pregnant from rape because even if they dont want to they get wet they still do. I feel like hentai is pretty good at showing that when the female brain get use to get touch and rape by a disgusting human being they can feel some pleasure basically when they let go. Of course women will deny this because women dont know themselves. That why Freud ad so much trouble studying women behavior because its constantly contradict itself

  • AnonymousFapper 10 months ago

    I gotta say this hentai is pretty high quality and has some damn good direction. haha Props to production
    value, keep up the good work :)

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