• I know good hentai when I see it 1 day ago

    Ill give this a 0/10 because of bad tagging, quality, rapey gangbang, fat dudes, and shouldve put in girls without tits so they wont go to waste. Im actually trying to fap to something that wont make me look like a monster.

  • 色妹妹bjx250 2 days ago

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  • Love 3 days ago

    I didn’t know that hentai would be criticized so much… but I do have to say, the music was something different and the speed of the fucking was faster than usual. So two good points for this hentai.

  • Terrible 1 week ago

    Hentai has low standards usually, and this manages to fall short of even those. Bad animation, bad camera, inconsistent scenes, non matching tags. Whomever did this should be ashamed.

  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    I always know when I see this art/lighting that it’s gonna have a decent concept and shit execution. They always make the tits bounce and mach speed so it’s not even fun to watch ‘em bounce.

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