• Quickscope 1 month ago

    It says HIDEKI ARAKI in all the credits… Niga no

  • PaiNaruto 1 month ago

    Finaly the subs out. **

  • lance tamama 2 months ago

    18:07 huh?wtf he sit with no chair

  • Klara Gold 2 months ago

    Her sexy ass was like “I’ll do everything and anything! Just don’t let me go back and work as a waitress!”

  • This version is missing one quite important thing – her inner thought/voice. You should go get 「副音声」=「裏の顔システム」 version to hear what she actually thinks about the stuff happening to her.

  • Can someone just explain the plot to me because I don’t feel like I can watch this any further.

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      Struggling idol agrees to be slut of higher ups if they can make her big.But they betrayed and gave chancce for another talented idol who did’nt become a slut.As time went on she got pushed into more and more irrelevancy until barely anybody knew her in the end.
      She fucked the attendant in the end because she is a slut and also because she felt thats how yhou repay for ‘his kindness’

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Man I actually feel sorry for her

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      No kidding. The animation is hot as fuck but the story is so depressing that it makes me feel guilty for fapping.

  • wewewewewe 2 months ago

    .. 18:07 the dude’s sitting on an invisible chair rofl

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