March 21, 2017

Hentai: Tayu Tayu

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago


  • They speak like Osaka accent.

  • GHBTP 5 months ago

    man her sister just doesn’t care but then again most siblings relationships are fucked up smh

  • Lucifer 10 months ago

    yall motherfuckers are gonna burn in hell

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Damn, Midori’s words hit me right in the feels! ;-; But overall, I really like this hentai so 100000/10 not just for the “plot” but also for the setting, music, characters and animation! Midori was my fave girl.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    its the same artstyle as pisu hame

  • S.L.Jackson 1 year ago

    8/10 the animation could be more fluid and the opacity needs to be turned down a bit other than that its a really solid hentai

  • LOL! 1 year ago

    That escape as the fireworks went off xD!!! That’s gonna be a new type of sport one day mark my words xP

    • S.L.Jackson 1 year ago

      I’m pretty sure Thailand already does this

      • S.L.Jackson 1 year ago

        but then again I’m just being stupid so don’t take me seriously

    • ig fuck 1 year ago

      Its already a sport xD

      • Sorta is. It’s barrel racing, but the sport (if you DO want to call it that) doesn’t involve any sex-related stuff.