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October 7, 2013

Hentai: Tayu Tayu

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Good bcuz his art is mostly comedy, romance, story-telling, relationship bonding and vanilla. It just gives this good vibe (rather than lustful sex act).

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Yamatogawa’s original creation.. His manga are hell just as good.

  • Foregasm 7 months ago

    Shiho is fine as hell! I’d love to fuck her wet warm pussy and play with those nice round tits!

  • It Shrank XD 8 months ago

    That last statement. lmao

  • inquisitor 11 months ago

    O M …AND LOOK AT THOSE FUCKING COMMENTS THEY MAKE DURING SEX .WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CRAP HAHAHAHAHAHA ..japanese people are something really stupid though .for real ..always wanting to listen the girl DESCRIBING the sexual ACT how it is ..ohhhh man this is so stupid for example “ohh the oni chan is making sex with me” DAMN this look like alot of sexual insecurities and emotional needines coming to the surface …wow man ..just wow …I really don’t know WHY JAPAN HAS DE MONOPOLY ON cartoon porn ..if the ocident have the INTELIGENCE to make better cartoon porn ..not like this utter GARBAGE….oriental crap turd ….we need to chance this monopoly ..learning how to make better cartoons ..because we already have better writers all the way .

    • EternaLEnVy 10 months ago

      ROFL jealous scrub. You must really hate your country for not being able to create stuff like this.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      The animation quality is gorgeous, sound is extra :)

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