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  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    That pre-teen looking girl ruins the hentai. Pedophilia is fucking gross!

    • She's in University. 2 weeks ago

      Probably an 18 to 20 year old. But I feel you. She’s drawn like a 12 year old which is bad. They just couldn’t make her look like a young women. Fucking pervs.

      (The university thing is probably just used as an excuse. Total Fail!)

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    Lucky bastard

  • Scarlet. 9 months ago

    I think this is the o ly harem I actually like…. Personally I do not like them cause I find them so annoying but this one I can approve of. *Shrugs* Just saying it’s a good hentai I have seen. *Smiles*

  • Broken Condom 10 months ago

    Definitely missing the “incest” tag.

    • Anonymous 5 months ago

      That’s probably because he’s not blood related to any one of them. He said in the last episod that that is his stepmom and the one he called onee-chan wasn’t really his sister.

  • Always preferred a willing harem to a mind-broken one.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Nice one

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