• Once again we are portrayed as savages who have to rape to get women in Japan knowing damn well we don’t need to…can we get one decent character in hentai…

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      nigga please. stfu) how come black people always complain about shit?)
      this is not even america, and u still complain that omg black people are portrayed IN MOTHERFUCKING HENTAI “badly”.
      the bitch in this hentai LOVED the black guy.
      the famous BIG BLACK COCK. the guy has savage looking abs. and you still complain that “omg, why cant we get a DECENT character in the hentai”, NIGGA SHUT THE FUCK UP.
      like, what the fuck do you want him to be? why the fuck do you get offended by one fucking setting in a FUCKING HENTAI?!
      thats stupid, nigga, you are stupid.
      do you want some vanilla shit with a BBC? like really? a hentai with a average looking black guy, with a small penis, with BEAUTIFUL PERSONALITY, and then the heroine is a BEAUTIFUL black girl?
      fuck off, man)
      go make your own hentai then.
      i really don’t like black people, they are not attractive to me, not even one. and they always gotta feel victimized. always gotta play the victim.
      fucking TRASH.

      • Cracker Killer 11 months ago

        Boy if you dont shut yo ketchup is to spicy for me sounding ass up? Black people always complaining, you mad because we have an opinion on how we should be potrayed? How about I make a hentai and make it about a cute japanese girl who sleeps with a fucking white asshole who beats off to fucking body pillows and butchers japanese language and takes over her fucking house because it’s his divine right. And by the way you speaking im fucking glad yo cracker ass aint attracted us. And yes Im assuming that you are in fact white because I would hate to believe that any p.o.c. would be that fucking ignorant as to not see whats wrong with it. Fuck you and please please dont procreate you white devil I.rebuke you in the name of black jesus.

        • Mediation Police 11 months ago

          *Holds cracker killer back* CHILL BRO CHILL SHE AINT WORTH IT OR HE? HES NOT WORTH IT OR SHE

        • Anonymous 11 months ago

          >I.rebuke you in the name of black jesus.
          i aint white my dude. im asian from Russia)
          im mad not because u have an opinion, but because u think u are oppressed and you always play victim, even when the situation is small as fuck) say one word about black people being bad – OMG, THIS RACIST CUNT DID HE JUST SAY WHAT HE SAID? OMG, I CANT BELIEVE WHAT THIS TRASH JUST SAID OMG OMG!!!
          ^ this is black race in a nutshell. black people are really retarded, and you just confirmed my assumptions with your stupid angry boy comment)
          and just as i said before, if u wanna portray yourself (black race) better than you are portrayed right now – make your own hentai, u stupid shit) japan and Asia in general has its own rules and stereotypes.
          let me tell you without cursing now. the way you react to foreign movies and their mis-portrayal of your culture is understandable. however, NOT IN THE HENTAI, FOR FUCKS SAKE, ITS JUST A STUPID PORN SHIT. like duude, if you go on the Rape section, it will be filled with japanese criminals. and among tons, i mean TONS OF BAD PORTRAYAL of japanese people U GET MAD OVER 1 HENTAI WITH BLACK GUY BEING A RAPIST?
          that is not smart. and not understandable. this issue is so small, but you made it look like a FUCKING END OF THE WORLD.
          that’s why i don’t like you black people. you make a fuss over nothing.

          • Anonymous 11 months ago

            Yeah cos every black person gives two shits about how niggas are portrayed in hentai. I’m black, and I’ll tell you right now, I busted some nice nuts to this shit.

          • Cracker Killer 11 months ago

            Okay so let me put this nice and simple for you? And I guess I was wrong to assume that there arent some sort of ignorance in people of color but you? You Mr. Asian in Russia have no idea, apparently as to why being portrayed in Anything would be something worth being upset about. Yeah it’s hentai but it’s still not something anyone should get away with, you would think that if we were to just take that shit then we in the black community would have never advanced as far as we are now. So now is when I lay into yojr heavy breathing, please hold my pillow waifu while I drink my fucking vodka in a can ass. Who are you to fucking know who is oppressed and who.isnt. yeah there are some countries who are hella fucking oppressed and as of right now we cant do anything from here until we are respected ourselves. Yes we oppressed because there is no one who runs us as a whole relatable…theyre all rich white people who probably procreate with their own family for the sake of the fucking bloodline. We are oppressed because we get stopped by the police for mowing the fucking lawn, going for a jog, or playing cops and robbers when youre fucking 12. So yeah cunt we are oppressed maybe not as oppressed as others but we still are. And oh yeah I am planning on making my own hentai it’s called uneducated anonymous asian man who claims he knows the entire struggle of one race and feels that their oppression does not exist because hey there are worse off countries but hey let’s belittle them anyways because Im compensating for my tiny penis and borderline pedophila so yeah wanna be a voice actor?? Casting will be very soon

          • I am a Black Girl 10 months ago

            This “Asian” idiot isn’t getting the point. Probably some cracker ass whitey talking shit behind his little internet mask. Bend over and stretch out your asshole so I can fuck you up the ass you pos!

            Let me explain in duh ENGRISH for alleged chingchong here lmfaooooo

            Seeing that we “niggers” are rarely portrayed in your shitty weeaboo mcshitshit, we simply want to be portrayed PROPERLY when it actually happens.
            Simply because that one rare portrayal actually forms the way Black people are perceived by the other lesser races lol.
            You all are not worth shit.

            That is all. Goodbye.

            -Beautiful Black Bahamian Goddess t(-_-t)
            Bow down crackers!

      • Anonymous 11 months ago

        You ignorant white privileged fuck

      • Oleblackdude 18 hours ago


    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      Amen to that

    • Jolyne 6 months ago

      I do respect your opinion I dont like sluts in hentai.

  • why are black people always so haunting to look at in hentai lol
    And what’s with their ugly lips like damn

    • Anonymous 11 months ago

      I hate when they make black peoples look crazy like….. wtf it shouldn’t be like that. What would a white person look like?

      • Just Some Fucking 5 Year Old 11 months ago

        They have tiny eyes, large crooked noses and pale skin. The art styles of genres specifically when it comes to the portrayal of other races is very dynamic, ridiculous and sometimes racist. It’s a shame we (black people) don’t look as good as we could with the art style.

  • Hentai Enthusiast 11 months ago

    Damn Queen Bee, you really improved at animating hentai.

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    Very funny that the black man is a rapist with big lips. Realism like this, only in Japan.

    • I honestly wouldn’t even be surprised if he had red lips as well, just to seal the deal.

    • Oleblackdude 18 hours ago

      She fucked him willingly and happily so whats the fucking problem? YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T WATCH IT

  • youtube 11 months ago


  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    So dat girl his I to netotare

  • shocka nice i just hate the mouth of the black guy tho but i like the abs :)

  • pink guy 11 months ago

    Cen I have pussi

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