• Danbooru 3 months ago

    Wished I had girls like them around ready to get fucked. Though protection first my nigga!

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Im cumming

  • DamnY 5 months ago

    this really good happy ending.

  • Altair Kusanagi 8 months ago

    Take off the censorships

    • That's what... 8 months ago

      I’m sayin’! Explicit hentai is less obscene than hentai rape. Do it Japan or else I ain’t paying! lol

    • Energy Kyouka 7 months ago

      Agreed! I came here to see some pussy get wrecked!

  • Anonymous 9 months ago

    Holy shit are they playing monster hunter in my hentai? this just got infinitely better.

  • i love prez and i’d love to be that man

  • FHRITP 1 year ago

    Prez is so nonchalant when that dude sees her. lol She’s hot but for me she’d look better without her suntan mark.
    Natsumi and Yurie are wild though! Natsumi would be my favorite of them all.
    I’d love to make her pussy cum!

  • Ирина 1 year ago

    This sweet and silly little magical girl parody series hits a lot of the right notes even if it never really goes anywhere. It’s fun, but not much else.

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