October 14, 2013

Hentai: Soredemo Tsuma Wo Aishiteru

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  • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

    What a fucking cunt just punch the shit out if them both equality cunt.he shouldve just married that other ho.

  • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Hold the phone didnt she cheat in 1and2 so is this if her husband cheated hmm interesting I do feel sorry for her husband he can’t be happy in either scenarios but I am glad the wife gets what she wants in the end of the third episode

  • This is obviously an alternate scenario from the 1st and 2nd episode. She was pregnant at the end of the 2nd episode (she says it herself, and she has a baby rearing book on the table), and she’s not here – in fact she’s asking to have a child with her husband. There’s no mention whatsoever to Kamata or Hino. You guys need to chill and learn to read and think.

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Well atleast somebody got a good ending sort of… Man the bond the husband and wife shared went to shit fast, you would think she would have asked the husband to help or atleast informed him afterwards she was being raped with her friends. This third episode makes it clear that she chose to start over with shinigawa rather than stick with husband whom it seemed she barely loved i mean there was not enough trust to tell him about the rapes (or shame/blackmail paralyzed with fear and the consequences of the situation) or even confront him about the affair, after she had cheated on him willingly with shinigawa simply because this guy showed her more affection and rescued her after finding out what happened. End of it all that chick was damaged goods and shingawa seemed to just prey on her insecurities and appealed to her wanting to be loved by somebody that accepted her after everything that happened and i say this because i dont know if that guy is a bastard or not but in my book stealing a wife is fucking bad. What do you guys think?

    • White dude 2 months ago

      Its really awful for the husband to cheat but he wouldn’t be in that situation if it weren’t for his bitch wife always talking about him, the insecurities he felt was entirely her fault you dont praise another dude while your having time with you husband smh -_-. All in all the girl was a bitch and easygoing

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    The man is so pitiful here. That woman is a real bitch.

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    this hentai series is so confusing

  • Eyfibhyw 3 months ago

    That girl seriously pisses me off. She just cared about her husband’s cheating but she didn’t cared that she was cheating on him for a while. She didn’t felt guilt about that. Okay, at first she got raped. That’s not cheating but when Shinakawa saved her, she thought Shinakawa deserves her body. Even though she loved her husband, she let Shinakawa fuck her. The most surprising fact that she didn’t felt guilt she was lying to him but she felt betrayed when he lied to her. That girl surely deserves an endless marathon gangbang.

  • Your Motherfucker 4 months ago

    Come on! Just chill! I really laughed my ass out! What a whore! I felt pity for the guy who nanami end up with! He doesn’t know what a big slut stunt she pulled before! The mic is an asshole! I know he loved her dearly but he just need to move on! U fuck all, person just don’t grab ur penis and feel guilty and angry for this! Real life logic and anime logic are two separate science of different dimensions!!

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