September 9, 2016

Hentai: Shiiku X Kanojo

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  • . . . 4 years ago

    … I’ve noticed a distinct lack of hand washing in her bathroom videos.

  • Spreadinghole 5 years ago

    Viewer be warned! This is probably the most fucked up thing you’ll see on this platform so far. If you wanted a hentai with a plot, this is it, but that plot is so twisted and sad that you’ll leave this site a changed person. VIEWER BE WARNED!!!

  • seek help 6 years ago

    cuz you’re all gonna burn in HELL

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Man, ash ketchum really let himself go

    also this is just fucking gross

  • Anonymous 7 years ago


  • The type of BS Donald Trump likes!! Sadly.

    • Kill yourself. Just do the world a favor you fucking hypocrite.

    • Email Scandal 7 years ago

      You mean the type of BS Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner like. Geez Hillary does have bad judgement. Democrats the party of corruption!

      Those women also waited like 15 years or more to allegedly accuse Trump of a “sexual assault” and right before the elections are coming. Hmmm interesting.

      These allegations are false. The powers that be hate Trump b/c he isn’t bought off and payed for, like Hillary, by any special interest, lobbyist or big donor. Trump will actually put the American peoples concerns first!

      • Anonymous 6 years ago

        Hillary is bought off, definitely, but honestly think Trump is any different?

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    what the fucked up hell was this

  • HelloFriends;) 7 years ago

    That guy looks like that one dude from deadman wonderland.

    • I’m about to turn you into a deadman in wonderland. Shut up! :-P

      • The fundamental truth that you will NEVER admit to but that I suspect you feel is that you don't think black people are as fully human as white people.All right then, fine. It's Blacks who are the full humans and the rest of us who don't quite make the mark. Bottom line is we're still DIFE(RFNTEin ways that matter a lot in life).

  • Kekleon 7 years ago

    That guy looks like Vince from Catherine lmao

  • Amominous 7 years ago

    This is great.

  • Not pleased 7 years ago

    Meh. So pretentious it hurts.

  • Punisher 7 years ago

    This is a crappy hentai that guy is a Yandere who thinks he found his perfect girlfriend and kidnapped her and storks her that guy needs to be put down *loads shotgun*

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  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Next episode comes out on September 30 th

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Finally a hentai with some plot, waiting for the next chapter.

    • Anonymous 7 years ago


    • Diandra 7 years ago

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