March 6, 2019

Hentai: Saimin Seishidou

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Hi, I came to fap and laugh a bit with the people offended with hentai! lol

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    Well I like to see bondage, DDLG and stuff like that, but it’s just boring at this rate i’d rather go to an actual porn site and pick at different scenes TBH.

  • C18 confirmed

  • Hentai 2 months ago

    Apocalyptic Sounds

  • I'll Say A Fucking Prayer But I Know it Will Go Unanswered 2 months ago

    I’ve Read The Source, They Nailed The Adaptation!!

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    For as good as the art is in a lot of these toons they continue to waste them on the same dumb themes over and over, rape, blackmail, hypnosis as if that’s the only way a motherfucker can get laid… It IS better when the female is a willing participant from the start instead of always having to be forced or tricked…

    • Ecchinosuke 2 months ago

      Glad to see someone with class that understand the overuse of these tropes, which includes NTR as it uses all of which you mentioned as well. Hentai losing creativity sense 2010 and counting.

    • hmm, there is no better or worse tho? I agree not all hentai should be like this but they aren’t…

      look at this site, about 40% has netorare/cheating/rape the rest is happy shit

      people blowing it out of the water cause they don’t like it/offends them lmao

      • Anon Master 2 months ago

        Doesnt offend me. The way how hentai works is fine but the ppl trying to be acting tough really starts to make me cringe all over inside a hentai site. If rape was more, more sad of tough guys trying to have attention just to make hentai not loved in its formal state just to make it bad and criticizing it badly.

        • Ultra Instinct Shaggy 2 months ago

          I used to hate the rape genre type of hentai too, but then I grew a pair (lol not tryna offend anyone or anything, it’s just that, the best way to think about this, is to réalisé that none of this is real.

          • Ecchinosuke 2 months ago

            I don’t think he was bitching about it being NTR but about it being the same combination trope of fat ugly guy+mind control.

    • Use a Search Engine 2 months ago

      Now that’s just subjective.

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    don’t be terrible free hentai plz

  • Dr Mangina 2 months ago

    The blonde girl is the hottest one yet

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