September 11, 2013

Hentai: Saimin Jutsu Zero

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  • “I’m a doctor after all” great just great

  • Observer 3 years ago

    For anyone interested to what happen to the brown hair girl ( The first girl to take The professor quiz and answer it wrong ) . You should Watch Saimin Jutsu Zero Special. It’s a gaiden story about what happen to her after she left the gym. good story and don’t worry, no Rape. Video length about 3 to 5 minutes.


    Her name is Rei, She end up competing with her bestfriend/Rival Yuuka by having sex with Suzumu ( The childhood friend that Rei hates as state by the professor) to win his heart. Rei gives her virginity to Suzumu and she’s happy about it.the result of the competition between Rei and Yuuka is draw. on the next day, they have sex with Suzumu again.

  • The kkk not the guys with the sheets 3 years ago

    I just realised the doctor looks built

  • Kosciusko the Great 3 years ago

    The doctor looks like 汪峰-王锯。

    • It’s a plsauere to find someone who can think so clearly

  • Neme Sis 3 years ago

    This hentai is to hot to watch dam but still f*ck this hentai cuz in the end i feel bad and mind is full disgusting thoughts … There is no need to show that they got pregnant by that ugly doctor.. I hate doctor n hate rape …

  • AnonymousAnonymous123321 3 years ago

    Funny enough because this made no sense at all…

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