June 7, 2018

Hentai: Saimin Gakuen

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Japan is so fucked up

  • Pussy pulverizer 1 month ago

    She is virgin and pregnant? Dafaq??

  • Can I just go to one site that doesn’t have all of this fucking rape on it? is that too much to ask really? I mean if you’re fucked up in the head and like it that’s one thing but 90% of all of this stuff is rape and I’m not exaggerating anybody who thinks I am really hasn’t seen as much as I have. All this stuff seems to make me think that all Japanese people are closet rapists they enjoy rape which is probably the reason why Japan has such a low birth rate now. Nobody wants to be raped. Just imagine being tied to a chair and doped up and having a big fat ugly bitch who has three kinds of STD’s ride your dick with no condom. That’s what rape is to me. It’s fucking disgusting and anybody who has that kind of fetish needs to be locked up. Because the more of this shit you see the more desensitized you become the more likely you are to do such a thing.

    • Donald Trump 1 month ago

      Well said! I’m doing my best to remove this shit and build a better nation :)

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    I’m just wondering how the fuck she still a Virgin if she’s pregnant

  • Xander Ford 1 month ago

    I wish that were me .,.

  • Donald Trump 1 month ago

    Starting next week, all rape hentai will be illegal. Finish your series you sick people.

    • Satan 1 month ago

      No, Donald. This is a battle you can’t win. You must join us!

      • Donald Trump 1 month ago

        I’m doing the right thing to protect our nation. No place for rape hentai.

        • Lord and savior, Kim Jong Un 1 month ago

          Don’t do this Donald, unless you want war…

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    is the pregnant stomach an illusion from the hypnosis?

    • Corrupted 1 month ago

      i wanna know too, did the app magically implanted sperm in her egg or somthing?

  • Volcain 1 month ago

    Took long enough to be subbed on here

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