• HAremmmmmmmmmm!!!!! 5 days ago

    Yuri! childhood freind classmate harem member and HENTAI

  • ItsNoT.ThatDude 1 week ago

    Our white-hair girl didn’t get any action at all, so pretty sure the filmmakers were all like:
    “You know what, fuck it, she needs some action too, so let’s give her a “I m b o u t 2 s t e a l u r b o y” cliche.”

    • HAremmmmmmmmmm!!!!! 5 days ago

      and she is the only one and 1st kisser :P

  • big_nigga 1 week ago

    U knows its gonna be good when u see heart eyes

  • Casual 1 week ago

    In Japan, there’s no way of knowing whether or not the girl on her knees is real directly after you enter the restroom and unzip your pants.

  • we can only pray 1 week ago

    that this gets a second part, then again the animated doujins usually get 1 episode and thats it ;w;

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