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February 1, 2013

Hentai: Please Rape Me!

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  • This is my fetish. I want to be sleeping then have some guy “sneakily” stick his dick in my pussy and pretend that i am sleeping but halfway through i pretend to wake up and not want i meanwhile I want him to continuously penetrate me! I’m into that bondage shit too. kinks for days.

  • Donald Trump 1 week ago

    if my daughter wasn’t my daughter…

    • AmericaFirst 1 week ago

      lol Parents…how embarrassing they can be. At least he isn’t married to a sexual predator…Bill *cough*

  • Please Rape Me? Nah bruh! Fuck yo kink and fuck yo thirst nigga! #NeverRape

  • Would love to have that hot lad's fucking sweaty ass cheeks on my boy face 1 month ago

    Yeah, I only watch these cause of the fucking generic looking hot dudes in these.

  • Perfect Cell 1 month ago

    Damn. And here I was being told most women have rape fantasies for legit reasons. Now I see what glorifies it to them. And fucking feminist retards want you to think that AMERICA has a rape culture.

    Nice hentai though.

    • 100% Zygarde 3 weeks ago

      They should visit places like Mexico, Central & South America, the Middle East, and Africa. There you’ll discover true rape cultures.

      While women are sexually assaulted more in society, men are physically assaulted more in society. You can also classify this more by race, age, wealth, IQ, etc to get a more accurate reality of how frequent, or not, it is to certain groups of people.

      • Tu puta madre 4 days ago

        Why México? Cause Donald Trump? I’m Mexican, you don’t know what u r saying fucking asshole, vas y chingas a tu puta madre

  • wtf they put 3 hentai in here

  • Hitlary Clinton 1 month ago

    My husband approves of this. (pending deletion)

  • Anonymous 1 month ago


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  • Anonymous 3 months ago


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