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February 1, 2013

Hentai: Please Rape Me!

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  • Hentai Master 1 day ago

    This one is AMAZING!! One of the best !!

  • angelbeaten69 2 days ago

    … Hey so would it be weird if I’m the only girl here?

    • Whatever 2 days ago

      @Angel pretty sure you aren’t.

    • PlsDontRapeMe! 1 day ago

      So were the same haha! , I Also feel like im the only girl in here

  • fucker 3 days ago

    Rape is bad go jump in a volcano or something faggot dick headed mother fuckers dat girl crying i’m watching you if you rape someone be prepared i’m 8:-):-)

    • angelbeaten69 2 days ago

      then what on earth are you doing on this site kid? howabout i tell your parents you’re watching porn ? dumb ass

  • Rape is the best xD

  • SasukeXSakura 4 days ago

    So let’s cast a vote. How many of you think hentai is better than real porn? I myself prefer hentai for their sometimes very compelling storylines whereas the sex is just a nice touch.

    • You jacket we pack it 4 days ago


      • You jacket we pack it 4 days ago

        Lol we need more hentai ads then porn ads lol got a limb dick fix it fast with this one trick, Craigslist is dead just to fuck and better than face book fuckbook

        • SasukeXSakura 4 days ago

          I know right why put real porn ads on a hentai website.

    • angelbeaten69 2 days ago

      Totally hentai is better
      only hentai can you explore
      fetishes you wouldn’t know
      you had … so now i play damsel
      in horny distress guys love it

  • Unwantedtube 4 days ago

    The last song lmao “iku yoo”

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