• Anonymous 3 years ago

    the blood makes me unhorny :I but then i get horny again

  • virgin 3 years ago

    I can’t stop watching hentais when I watching hentai I become wet

  • Doze Nuts 3 years ago

    I hate seeing blood in sex scenes.

  • George "joji" Miller 3 years ago

    I fapped to this and I’m proud.

  • Random 12yrs old 3 years ago

    Im Anna Hi guys. Im proud to say im the muse of our class. 1boy had a crush on me. But there is actually 12boys who have a crush on me. I accidentally showed my boobs. (Ikr so awk) cuz im doing a routine for cheerleading. Now i cant even talk to him. And i have a crush on him. Help

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      I would think that if he saw he would want to be with you, you just have to approach first. Nowadays women can ask men out you know

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      That sounds like a personal problem

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      Its just an accident so you dont have to worry .. what they see is just accident. Btw want help ? Here my ner panerio .. my profile is gurl

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      just start giving small hints that u like him while trying to show him your personality, not bod

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      Wrong place

    • Ice cream man 3 years ago

      Get some confident and tell him that you like him.
      By the way what are you doing on this site?

  • MLGPROGetrckednoobmomgetthecamra360noscope!!!!! 3 years ago

    ……,……………Get rcked noob

  • Loner 3 years ago


    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      If your lonly you can just tell YOUR DICK TO FUCK ITS SELF!!1!

  • Im not horny!!! 3 years ago

    I rly need to stop watching hentai but its not that easy ive been watching hentai for 2 years and i cant stop this hornyness towards anime characters!!!! Somebody help! :(

    • Anonymous 3 years ago

      Er then stop watching hentai if ur like 18 then I wouldn’t give a fuck but if ur younger… really nigger this doesn’t even tell you how to have real sex anyways so i hope u don’t take anything from it but ur life ur ruining and try to get out of this habit. -. Be good for ur health 第一节中 亦

    • My hormones 3 years ago

      Dont stop hentai is fuking great

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