• Mr. Joestar 1 week ago

    Maria is FUCKING HOT. She had some wicked good acting and scenes. This ain’t Pink Pineapple’s best work, but damn was it erotic. It was well put together and the sequences were very very good in my opinion. Damn that was a good fap. 7.5/10

  • Dj_GhouL 1 month ago

    11:19 “AUUGGHH!!!” *dies of laughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  • Alpha 2 months ago

    “Do you think I’m a bitch?” How many of you went, ‘…wait, what?’ at that one?

    • Nikki Delano 2 months ago

      Mine was more like “Yes! You’re my bitch!” lol

  • Grow-up 7 months ago

    Skip the pubescent girl! Pedophilia is garbage. Gross!

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