• Raymond 3 weeks ago

    Okay, I think Satoshi fucking Mei was seriously hot. She probably wants to take Satoshi’s big fat dick in both her pussy and in her ass hole. Glad this hentai was vanilla. Consensual sex. Making a baby inside the girls.

  • Tsundere-Kun 1 month ago

    It’ not that porn is illegal in Japan , it’s just that the prime minister made a law to not show both the genitals of both male and female in a porn even in h-anime and h games. We only get uncensored versions because of some artists from other countries who made an effort to redraw it frame by frame.

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    This is look like Eromanga

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    My only problem is how some of it is censored. I mean, it’s porn, why censor it? I’m just confused on that…

    • I’ve heard that porn is illegal in Japan even tho animations are made there…idk lol

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