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July 24, 2013

Hentai: Mesu Saga Persona

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  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    First hentai video i actually finished

    • Anonymous 1 month ago

      Oh if you want some good ones go the last page on date which is page 14

  • Lyin AsSS 1 month ago

    Thots these days
    Makin AVs for “Money”
    I knew that was some bullshit when she said that’s what made her do it. GTFOH XD

  • Twister 1 month ago

    What a twist :0

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  • I am unable to tell if this is a good ending, or bad.

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    BEST NTR EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Holly fxck what a twisted end xD they are a perfect match!

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  • porntai 4 months ago

    I enjoyed this.

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  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    I do not know why but i find the ending creepy-,- skary dude ….but the heintaigasm was greate

  • BlackMamba 5 months ago

    So yeah……..seems like im gonna have an erection thats gonna last more than 4 hours….

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  • rapetheworld 5 months ago

    That creampie life.

  • Anonymous 5 months ago

    now thats a good ending

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  • anonymous 5 months ago

    finally, some hentai where the characters dont look underage

  • Nice am relly like hentaigasm

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    I loved the first gangbang scene shit was hot

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    That fucking whining turns me off so much

  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    G end

  • Hentai watcher 7 months ago


  • man i dont know why i like hentai to be about cheating..

  • is ok

  • yaaaaaaaaaaaa 7 months ago


  • Some dude 7 months ago

    4/5 stars, i love the softness of animation. I feel like my head just did a 360° and than faceplanted my keyboard from watching this, WHAT A TWIST! lol

  • Blah! 7 months ago

    The term for this kind of husband is cuckoid. Those husbands that get turned on watching their wives getting fucked/ravaged by other men. Haha, I wouldn’t be caught dead letting another dude fuck my wife. But each to his own. Just long as the couple deal with the consequences.

  • hoassnega 7 months ago

    That ending though

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    Haha that ending. Gotcha bitxh!! :p

  • What a twist.

  • No name 8 months ago

    I really don’t get how the hell she says no then yes like bitch choose one ._.

  • Nice work 8 months ago

    Yogurtmcde. I agree with you haha. Hope they will taking good care of this great site and they will update always. 10 stars for this site

  • ¿Porque? 9 months ago

    What the FUCK charles man! That bitchez face was like i want some more Say Waaaat! Fuk yo slutty ass

  • yogertmcde 9 months ago

    Whenever i go to this WONDERFUL site, I always read the comments before watching the video. it’s always funny how people comment here, for that i applause, you people win the internet every time. hahaha

    • Master Roshii 9 months ago

      Lol i think i stopped coming to this site to fap but to see comments instead

      • volcan300 8 months ago

        lol me too, many comments are very funny. People who turn angry and depressed, many feels :P simply I love this site <3

        • OrgasmPillow 8 months ago

          i just see the comment if the movie is good or bad :D

  • That plot twist is astonishing. I’d normally say that it’s fucked up but instead I’ve been mind fucked by this episode. The next episode is less likely to have the same characters since this one seemed to have ended rather quickly so they might go for another story with different characters but with certain similarities. Overall, I’d give this one 4/5 whoopies just for the plot twist.

  • Wow really fucking a!!!!

  • 17YearOldGirl^_^ 9 months ago

    I Got On By This! X_X

  • yukiex 10 months ago

    Danger well hey that go to show your not alone

  • shutthefuckup 10 months ago


  • shutthefuckup 10 months ago

    thts fuked up tht her husband was behind it.

  • SmackABitch 10 months ago

    Ahaha that ending, bitch got what she deserved. Oh you’ve been fucking niggas behind my back? Nah son you haven’t LOL

  • Honey your not the only 1 with a different face. Dun dun dunnn. Whos the 1 actually geting cheated on xD more more more

  • Nobody 10 months ago

    Mind fuck

  • stranger 10 months ago

    thats the kind of relationship i wana hav

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    I meant too

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    I like this type of cheating, the others are two sad :)

  • kirito_WeT_hentai 11 months ago

    o. fuk that wet pussy haha

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    hahaha i love the final XDD

    this was good for the stupid bitch of nanami :P :Soredemo Tsuma Wo Aishiteru <this bitch

  • Barack Hussein Obama 11 months ago

    Carl you can shut the fuck up nigger

  • Barack Hussein Obama 11 months ago

    I love NTRs when the guy who got cheated on cheats her back.

  • doujin 11 months ago

    This woman was trying to keep balance but the balance calapsed. The husband had a darkside as well which surprised me.

  • doujin 11 months ago

    everyone have two sides that what the story was all about

  • Anonymous 11 months ago


  • So ironic. It actually has a story

  • The Masked Newfag 1 year ago

    I saw that ending from a mile away. XD oh well, at least the wife and hubby were both okay with the situation the whole time. :3>

  • Ummmm :/ 1 year ago

    I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going :D :|

  • Ummmm :/ 1 year ago

    Nope I’m done. Fuck this shit.

  • Only in Hentai!!

  • Chris 1 year ago

    Oh lord

  • Vaas Montenergo 1 year ago

    haha i love it especally in the end.Payback time hahaha that was a good hentail not like ”I can”.that was a bullshit.

    • Askarus 1 year ago

      Every time someone says `I can…` it reminds me of that bullshit

  • Anonymous 1 year ago


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  • Anonymous 1 year ago

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  • Random Hentai 1 year ago

    Dat ending…..(゚O゚) lol she got what she deserved

  • watwatinthebutt 1 year ago

    Limp as a wet noodle.

  • Nate 1 year ago

    Fucking whore… I’m so glad her husband used her like that! What a cool fucking guy!

  • HakU 1 year ago

    so slow

  • Mystery Man 1 year ago

    I will become like she’s husband :3

  • bitch please 1 year ago

    Get new stuff

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    the husband is kind of attractive

  • well this was interesting…

  • It wasn't rape... 1 year ago

    She says she enjoys it and does it for pleasure she loves other men’s dicks in her. So it’s technically not rape.

    • ryukai 1 year ago

      neither did the tags of the video said that this was rape . You stupid ?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Am i the only one who is happy and mad at this? I mean, sure, I’m mad because it’s cheating and stuff,
    but at the same time, the ending wasn’t as bad as i thought

  • Random Awesome Guy 1 year ago


  • Narukami Yu 1 year ago

    I thought it was shin megami tensei porn

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    The husband is a master ruseman.

  • ConLosTerroristas 1 year ago

    Lost my boner watching this…. Disappointment

  • Setsuna F. Seie 1 year ago

    I hate me some cheating but I cant ever look away…dafuq man D:

  • wowzers 1 year ago

    greates line in hentai? definitely
    in anime? maybe, lets not push our luck

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    This kind of sucked

  • Unaware 1 year ago

    I didnt get turned on…Weird, I prolly hate gangbangs

  • XDDD 1 year ago

    lol if i knew this shit i would kill these guys

  • Katzwell 1 year ago

    “I’m a slutty whore who sex”. First time I ever laughed my ass off watching porn.

  • HNNGG 1 year ago

    Waifu and husbando.

  • TOTALLY didn’t see that one coming (sarcasm). Ugh so predictable. Good fap though.

  • bore

  • nano 1 year ago

    those newly wed couple sure is amazing! specially with their “another face” line… totally nice story line

  • Black Sheep 1 year ago

    “I’m a slutty whore who sex.”

    Perfect translation.

  • GrimReaper 1 year ago

    Ok all of u assholes u guys should shut the MOTHER FUCKIN Up ok like u Tora or u ajkaljga

  • NTR is great!!

  • ajkaljga 1 year ago

    This “rape” and “cheating” hentai is a JAPANESE THING. Not ASIAN!

    • Tora 1 year ago

      So ur saying not all asians are sick fucks? Funny, because why would you be here then?

      • ajkaljga 1 year ago

        THE FUCK. I didnt think id get a reply…..
        But i wouldnt be talking cause youre in this same site as me too sooo..
        Besides do I represent “ALL asians” no. And i’m more into like normal hentai you know not this “rape” crap – but it seems like theres none of that here so yeah

        • Anonymous 1 year ago

          there is alot of non rape ecchi and japan is an asian country. Plus just because a chick says no stop it does automatically make it rapes. Its been like that since casablanca. Its the “yes means no and no means yes” romance. try reading the tags more prior to watching the videos and stop complaining.

    • The Truther 1 year ago

      Japanese are ASIAN -__-

      • Lonelykid3 1 year ago

        All of you can go eat a sharks 3 ft long wanker. Don’t like it, don’t watch it, and STFU!!!!!1!!

    • Umadbro 1 year ago

      Fuck this shit evry1 on dis site is a fucking person “who sexs”. So stfu and stop being racist to asians!

  • Incognitus 1 year ago

    I hate cheating, specially NTR, but the husband’s comeback was unexpected and surprising.

    It’s rare to see such a plot twist in a hentai like this.

    • That’s what made this whole hentai worth it.
      The character getting cheated on was actually the one making her cheat.
      I don’t know if it’s NTR or whatthefuck.

  • NTR SUCKS 1 year ago

    Yo admin this was the best ntr evaaaa!!!!

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Trolling Ass husband

  • bastion 1 year ago

    anyone knolws how to download this?

    • Akira 1 year ago

      Umm… if you have IDM (Internet Download Manager) software u can download it :)

  • Random awesome guy 1 year ago

    So in terms she wanted it and everything’s fine.

  • busted in my eye 1 year ago


  • mother father gentleman 1 year ago

    What?!? Hahahaha!! This is actually the first time that I liked a cheating hentai. The wife is a slut and the husband is a pervert. Perfect match! Lol

  • locozoro 1 year ago

    hatar video chavales aqui comentando locoluffy y las chicas very beautiful

  • jaconbacon 1 year ago

    Remember people to add spoiler please

  • Hate this cheating, blackmail, rape hentais and they’re 99% of all hentais, WTF is worng with asians??

    • Datonedude 1 year ago

      But this is not any of those things. It was all planned by the husband. Go complain on another video that is.

    • Then DON’T Watch simple as that . WTF is wrong with us how about what’s wrong with you for watching this?

  • Anonymous 1 year ago


  • justaguy 1 year ago

    jeez man yes I mean the ending is harsh but I stumbled upon cheating hentai after cheating hentai the men being cheated on are just pussies and never do anything to stop the rape or blackmail (something around those lines) but here he freaking in on it I am personally happy because when you look at it the husbands a freak, the wife’s a freak and its all good :)

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    that was fucked up who new porn stars were so perted

  • Dick 1 year ago


  • antcrazy 1 year ago

    Fucked up ending, but nice one, but fucked

  • Don't Tell Mom 1 year ago

    Haha WTF ???

  • YuriLowell 1 year ago

    What the literal fuck did I just watch?????

  • Lmao that was amazing! Kinda Weird but really good. Hope there’s a second one

  • Dr.KillJoy 1 year ago

    well that was fucking awesome revenge has been completed :D fuck her up more ^^

  • Hell 1 year ago

    I want rape plz

  • Hentai lover 1 year ago

    Huhhh I been waiting for the next hentai video and this is what comes really they could of at least gotten 4 video out but this crap came out huh

  • m night shyamalan 1 year ago

    What a Twist!

  • Joshua 1 year ago

    More girl on girl action

  • Joshua 1 year ago

    U need more hentai like this

  • jewish dog 1 year ago

    HAHA DUH FUQ? Just like all the others lololol

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    Im a slutty whore who sex” … Damn subtitles sound stupid…… Id have injected her with aids but this guy liked it for some reason

  • WOW….

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    there is no way there is a guy out there that enjoys watching there wife get fucked by other men and if there is there is something seriously wrong in there head

  • wha- ?!?

  • ZendeK 1 year ago

    lol lol lol

  • iLoveHappyEndings 1 year ago

    Yay! It all turned out okay <3

  • what a twist lol

  • no one gives a shit 1 year ago

    I just skiped on 13 minutes of clips

  • So was this ending like WTF

  • D4rk 1 year ago

    anyone remember the name of a hentia where it starts with a girl going to karaoke with her friend but then gets ditch with a guy that turns out to be a member of her club. Then there is also another girl with her eyes closed, sort of like brocks from pokemon, and she has a fetish for the guys sweat. she has purple hair too. Anyone know please tell me. it was here in this website but I guess it got taken down. thank you in advance

    • ChingyCurseZ 1 year ago

      i think what ur looking for is soushisouai note the animation its really KAWAII

    • hintie 1 year ago

      Sounds like Last Order

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Something with note, i think they uploaded here

    • Tpsolaf 1 year ago

      Anike my sweet elder sister I spelled anike wrong

  • whatz ze fuk 1 year ago

    Me no get this turd thing hentai

  • Sysiphus 1 year ago

    It’s funny when I see the hate for cheating, so when a guy does it, it’s okay?

    • Rondell Beene 1 year ago

      its a double standard of life ( lock & key ) if you have a key that can unlock damn near any door its valuable but if you have a lock that can be opened by any key its worthless and undesirable basically if multiple women accept your key hey but if one chick allows any old key fuck no changing the locks & moving

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      cheating from eather side is a huge nono in my book so to anwear ur question no its not ok

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      1. I’m sure the hentai industry is dominated by males

      2. The two things you’re comparing are the standard (1 male, many females) harem and ‘standard’ NTR where girlfriend/lover/wife gets stolen (those are really the only kinds of cheating you see a lot of in hentai). There’re your keywords: girlfriend, lover, wife. A harem has a guy having non-committal sex with several female partners, NTR has a girl who is established to be in a serious relationship or at least having serious mutual feelings w/ one guy who loses the girl b/c she gets raped until she falls in love with some guy’s cock.

      In my mind it’d be okay if there were a female MC (not in a serious relationship with anyone) to have sex with multiple partners in the same way a male would in standard harem hentai. Unfortunately I don’t know of any hentai like that which exists.

      Gangbang is the only thing that comes close so far.

  • ladykilla 1 year ago

    well h8 the cheating but at least the ending was original

  • bama2830 1 year ago

    Only have 1 thing to say…….. FECK YEA!!

  • red dragon 1 year ago

    Bible black is great I love it

  • red dragon 1 year ago

    I love anime porn

  • @_@ should I be mad that she cheated or happy cuz of what happen in the end

    • happy b/c now they can be themselves a perv and a slut

  • No2Ntr 1 year ago


  • Simple viewer 1 year ago

    Damn that bitch got played so hard lol

  • emurder99 1 year ago

    wow toots you just got busted saying all those lewd stuff on camera while getting fucked when hubby was watching in the shadows well? okay i take it back so the whole thing was set up by the hubby and he enjoyed it okay i’m confused but i liked it

  • When he caught her i was like “OHH SHIT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWWN”

  • ThatOneGuyWhoMakesLoveToYourCouch 1 year ago

    finally a guy who had some balls

  • Weee 1 year ago

    Every other girl at my age is out doing something meaningful with their lives and i’m just sitting here, masturbating. What the flipping fuck am i doing with my life, really. Oh well :c

  • Irumachi 1 year ago


  • Irumachi 1 year ago

    Lol you guys are sadly wrong if you think all Asian girls
    are flat-cheated. Or are you just stupid

  • Mr.? 1 year ago

    Yeah like ummm…. Fuck dat shit

  • Datonedude 1 year ago

    What a twist!

  • hor nee 1 year ago

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow jackass.

  • Sara 1 year ago

    This is great ^^

  • jake the poop 1 year ago

    the ignorance in you three me is strong. Its not fact, its just common

  • Rapist 1 year ago

    I wish all girls had big breasts, like in Hentai, Fact is, no-one in asia has big breasts!

    • I know right. Flat chest Asians.
      Big boobs rule.

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Haha true

    • real facts 1 year ago

      not all Asian girls have flat chest its just not as common as it is other places and Asian breast can get pretty big all the way to G-cups which happens to more and more Asian women now and days that’s bigger the most American girls breast grow

      • NTRmy 1 year ago

        I loved this NTR/Vanilla hybrid there should be more and i love the Admin

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Bitch will u haven’t seen the world enough u biased bitch!!!!!

    • Marky D. Sod 1 year ago

      You’ve never heard of Ai Shinozaki then.

  • Dillonger31 1 year ago

    Admin – How about Flower & Snake The Animation Episode 1-3?