June 23, 2013

Hentai: Mesu Nochi Torare

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  • NTR_KILLER 2 days ago

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  • NTR_KILLER 2 days ago

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    So Good Day and Happy Fapping to this tag it might be your last :) :) ;) ../..

  • NTR_KILLER 2 days ago

    Boys the Authors of NTR are to be Target by me and my friends so if you wanna Join in so NTR lovers would get killed Join in its already happening in Canada and in Some Asian countries that are a secret so if you saw in your news someone got killed for No reason Shhhhh… Don’t comment you fucking NTR lovers cause you might get target and tracked down don’t believe me try we been doing this shit of a Job for how long already not only in Reality but in this kind of shitt as well

  • Anonymous 4 weeks ago

    Well… When you watch NTR.. you have to put yourself in the character that doing the NTR, not the one being NTR… If ya “still haven’t” been able to do it then… ya’ll need practice and soon ya’ll be coming to like this kind of genre… and if you “can’t”… well face it.. you’re weak.

  • Lo Kiên Minh 1 month ago

    Who hate NTR = GTFO , ok?

  • Mikado Ecchi 1 month ago

    Lel. I would really smash those guys with a bat if I were that boy. Too bad he is too lousy haha. Skinning them alive including the girls, I think it will really feel good.

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Why do people who don’t like NTR watch NTR? Are you guys cucks? If you don’t like it don’t watch it…I found this really hot and came about 4 times during it. Here’s a simple solution so you don’t get pissed off: if you can’t handle NTR don’t watch it…this ones one of my favorites in the genere it’s not shitty at all…

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