• There's nothing wrong with being an anal whore 1 year ago

    Butt sluts are the best :D

  • Rating master 2 years ago

    This is an NTR genre with a twist: revenge
    Plot is suppose to be a son of a lover hates someone from main family for being an outcast decides to steal from his older whatever you may call him.
    Foot note: this hentai doesn’t fully explain everything, until the end.
    Side note: second thought it still has holes to fill in. ( fuck the plot am I right)
    Art : there is an uncensored version of this, people already found it.(including me)
    It’s ok
    Story: clunky enough said.
    Overall score: 7/10 generous priest( Fap N Go) with no real plot to speak of I might add

  • super man 2 years ago


  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    how the fuck she came just by lokking wow

  • japanese girls dont know how to call the cops or resist someone younger than them or something??on top of that he didnt have any weapon so pink haired dumb bitch could have resisted him easily…

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