• fiveofseventags 2 months ago

    Why is the incest tag here? Get that thing outta here!

  • . . . 2 months ago

    He looks horrified…
    Poor kid.

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    what scares me is that the kid actor sounds like a female
    i mean, its not the first time japan did this shit

  • Nami cat burglar 4 months ago

    I totally damn love this hentai, one of my favorite is shota.. wish to see 2nd ep. On this and more shota hentai.. keep it up!

  • Anonymous 7 months ago

    people complaining about a kid that isn’t real SMH. I’m just thankful it isn’t some fat, hairy guy that they like to put in hentai for some unthinkable reason.

    • Fuck appeasement 6 months ago

      But you’re complaining about fat hairy guys! *facepalm* No duh it isn’t real but that doesn’t mean ppl can’t criticize kids fucking even if it’s in hentai. Not too surprising!

      What’s wrong with ppl talking about what they dislike besides others getting triggered about it or being unable to debunk an argument? Nothing that’s what! Thin-skinned motherfuckers. lol

  • shota is disgusting, nothing appealing

  • Darcspyro 9 months ago

    Whoever made this one needs to make an episode 2 because man those Maids are so freaking beautiful.

    • Tell 'em again! 8 months ago

      But they need adult customers instead. C’mon, a pubescent boy really? Fuck that pedophilia shit!

      • Anonymous 1 month ago

        Fo real i hate whwn the good looking girls always fucking ugly bastards , little kid , and a monster thats not okay

    • Nami cat burglar 4 months ago

      I disagree, i love shota and wish to make 2 ep. On this… you will never defeat my law of attraction, and i will definitely attract the 2nd ep.

  • Suzutsuki kurara 9 months ago

    Although these two girls are pedophiles, they’re still sexy as fuck! lol

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