• Tags need fixing 1 week ago

    P.S. All the casuals need to stfu. Everyone knows, and I mean EVERYONE, that there is WAY more fucked up hentai and even real porn. Plz quit your bitchin, ain’t no one listening

    • Stop bitching about the tags bitch 1 week ago

      lol ppl are gonna cuntinue bitching and praising you perverted idiot..its the fucking internet smartass :]

  • Tags need fixing 1 week ago

    In no way is calling someone “sis” or a little more used in English “cuz” make them related to you. Take out the fucking incest tag! Also why isn’t there a shota tag?

  • One of the few non netoare shows

    Help liberals are pushing their cuck fetish into our animes more than ever


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