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  • fuckboi 1 week ago

    That ending music is really creepy and misplaced.

  • hinaja 1 month ago

    Seriosly, no chill on this. :S

  • The-dude-that's-in-your-kitchen-eating-your-food 1 month ago

    ‘Merica certainly doesn’t need Obama’s gun laws… But this place certainly does…

  • JA1557 2 months ago

    The girls should of rip off their ball,make them feel the pain

  • sooo Painnnfull 2 months ago

    Sooo Sadd…
    why all the Girls went Broken?
    they Gave Up?
    whyyy are they Fck by people they Don’t Like.
    i hope they were fck by the Guy they love then getting Fck infront of the guy they Love..
    sooo Painn and Sad..

  • anime 2 months ago

    i feel sad for those girls. Do you know they could hide at the ship.

  • kick ass 3 months ago

    Poor Shinichi i want him to take Yuki virginity but instead Yuki got fuck in front of him. This hentai is failure

    • IWantedAGoodEnding 3 months ago

      Indeed, I hoped to see him kick everyones ass but noooo we just had to let the crazy fucks win eh?

  • mista swagfag 3 months ago

    I like the music doe

  • bigdick 3 months ago

    The ending made me soft

  • JustinBieber 3 months ago

    i dont know why but this anime hentai pissed me off i more like that boy who protected the girl raped the girl her protected this other guy raped

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