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  • Anonymous 1 week ago

    Where is the fucking pause butt0n?

  • so ya heres another fap 1 month ago


  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    If I were character, I would bring mercenaries to kill all of those guys who raped the girls and save them, we would have snipers, machine gunners, and guys with assault rifles to kill’em all, and yes it would include explosives and combat knives.

    • Anonymous 2 months ago

      You surely don’t understand hentai do you.

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Stop being childish.
      i will just knock out a soilder with a baseball stick at the midnight take his gun goes to there ship when most of the soilder are out on the island kill every soilder on board than get of the island with my friend and my girl…………………………
      And after i got on a countur sell the ship buy a computer hack into nuclear system just a nuke to the island all done or i sent a deadly virus with a super powerfull heal effeact so they want to die but they could not live their rest life in hell

      • Anonymous 1 week ago

        Lol the guns r fake according to the leader the only thing their capable of is to bruise skin watch the 1st epis0de

  • Unknown 2 months ago

    Yuki is cute girl

    • Anonymous 2 weeks ago

      Agree i need more her sex screan and no fucking ntr i mean rape is okey but ntr ohhhhhhh hellllllllllll no

  • Anonymous 3 months ago


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