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  • Anonymous 4 weeks ago

    Seriously he lit that go

  • Crimson 3 months ago

    Idk what it is about this studios art style for hentai, but it’s so attractive. The way the “Camera” angle moves the entire time. It always looks so good, I remember watching Dark Love and being incredibly turned on, regardless of the genre this studio always make top notch hentai.

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    that MC is retarded as fuck. A movie was gonna show at midnight but she says she gotta help his brother out with something….thats a red flag right there bruh. What do you think your girl is gonna do with your brother at FUCKING MIDNIGHT?!?

  • Mr pussy 4 months ago

    Shiiiiiiiiit if you ask me I would have fucked that bitch in the first episode that way she’d be more use to my dick more then those to two niggas…that’s what you get A kun for not manning up and beat that pussy up bro

    • Anonymous 3 months ago

      My Niggas if das w happens when u live with parents if. Da was m b would’ve beat the shit of them before they got to her das y i dont do rape

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