• Anonymous 2 months ago

    What’s the name of manga this is based on

  • Ushio 3 months ago

    I can’t even feel the cheating vibe in this one, it’s much more vanilla… But it’s good, and besides the MC isn’t one of those guys, also the woman I just plain stpid and made to be fcked… So, it’s better to just remove that cheating tag xD

  • xXx_cy-37-stealth_xXx 7 months ago

    Hello, i’m a russian and i find this out disgusting. This thing embarased our country. And also why is that russian learns japanese instead of english which is more important? It doesn’t make sense

    • Alpha 7 months ago

      ‘Why did she learn Japanese’? Uhhhhh… maybe because she’s in JAPAN??

      • BIG ANIME TITS 5 months ago

        That’s a good criteria to have out of many. Wanna abandon your country and live in another, learn the fucking language and speak it well!

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    Why is shemi here

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    he’s got an unfaithful wife and a brother betrayer. not how you want to plan you’re life unless you want to see it all go to shit

  • perfection 1 year ago

    honestyly this doesn’t SEEM like so much a NTR as it is a comedy. yeah she’s married, but that was barely important seeing as how they didn’t really give the younger bro a character for you to care about. and it seems like they want the older bro to be the protagonist who’s been given a dumb gullible pornstar hot babe to fuck. this is more a comedy of “how dumb or naive is she?” just watched ep 1. and yeah , seems like its going that way

    • Soom Guy 11 months ago

      NTR is still NTR, viewers aren’t gonna get mad because the protagonist is doing the cheating, plus animation sucks, the chicks anatomy is nonsensical, art style is boring, and all of you are gay.

      • Fuck you

      • WatcherS7 6 months ago

        Hmm…I wouldn’t really call this NTR just yet. I don’t really link “cheating” and “NTR” as the same as NTR is normally portrayed that a girl is having sex with another person against their will and they’re slowly broken down mentally to like the other person and leave their current partner. While cheating just means that a person is engaging in a second relationship willingly and can back out of it at anytime or leave their first partner behind but at least it’s through their own choice rather than being a mindless cum dump who’s thoughts and reasons are purely sexual. But that’s just my opinion.

        • cat-with-a-hat 3 months ago

          regardless of that, ntr and cheating will always have that link because our moral system will always perceive it as that. plus it’s not something people want when entering a relationship with someone they love, getting ntr’d in real life is a real low point for people who fall in love and so is getting cheated on, no one wants that to happen to them. but either way, this is just some drawings that got animated into porn.

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