April 15, 2015

Hentai: Kanojo Wa Dare To Demo Sex Suru

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  • Ushio 2 months ago

    So she left… And that’s it… No more free fucks, or she left cuz she realized she’s so tainted, she thought she doesn’t deserve a goody two shoes MC?

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    I have difficulty to reach orgasm alone.

  • Derka Allah 11 months ago

    Someone explain to me why she left the school? She clearly likes the MC.

    • Maybe because she feels guilty. She knows her own nature is a slut. She can’t bear making her loved one watch her having sex with other guys. So she just quit school so the guy could find a better girl.

      • Ushio 2 months ago

        You Sir, here have a cookie. And here I thought I’m the only one who though if that. Of course seeing my crush or my love one being fucked by someone , or a total stranger would Turn me off, or even hate myself… A total jealousy and at the same time disgusted by the fact that your crush is a total Slut. Heck I would even feel disgusted fucking her.

    • Whoremoans 5 months ago

      she’s a dirty whore. what more can you except. if she wants his dick, give him your number. i know i’d fuck her. there’s no love to be found in her. just lust

    • Oshiete 1 month ago

      Maybe… just maybe she realized the feelings of the mc for her is far more than she can emagine
      sure she loves him but maybe she realized that the mc needs a better women that can make him happy
      not making him watch while all the other guys fuck her
      she cant bear the thought of making her loved one watch her have sex with older guys while the mc is being jealous and pained by the feeling of his crush is being fuckes by strangers


      she got pregnant and she didnt want the mc to find out cuz it will just make the mc sad or depressed
      just to say she likes the mc judging from the final scene

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    fukcing hentai made me emotional

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    She went to go duck the next camera man and old men god damn these hoeing bitches

  • yo hentaigasm!! 1 year ago

    FIX YOUR SHIT! every time I try to watch something, it’s all audio & no visual.

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    For the whole beginning I was building up the dialogue like “Dude do I look as desperate I need to fuck a random girl- oh you offer money, okay, I hope you don’t have STDs”

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