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  • kamisama 3 weeks ago

    Why can’t they at least make the teacher good looking?

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    • I wonder if you’ll look back at this Yolo.
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      And if she did do that…GET TESTED. IT’S A FUCKING RED FLAG.

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  • NoName 4 months ago

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  • The virgin 4 months ago

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      If women were like this do you know how many extra kids there’d be? 0_0

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    Hey what happened to the Teacher genre??? o.o

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  • pussydestroyer 5 months ago

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  • Rapinglittlegirlsandthenwatcingcartoons 5 months ago

    I feel like im the only one who ever looks for the animation first, I mean a bad animated hentai wont get me hard

  • Fly Me To The Moon 5 months ago

    Why does nobody like the second episode of this series? I thought it was cool.

    • Cliffhangers OP 4 months ago

      Nah… I think this first ep is way better then the second one… Second one is jus awkward. Shoujo et cetara had a great first episode then had a boring second episode because they didn’t follow the story and changed it which is the same case with this hentai and some others

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    Japan do really have old man fetishes….it disgusts me..shit of all the handsome anime characters…seriously????old man…..the last hentai i watched was bullshit, the first 5 mins i couldnt take it….
    Fuckin 30-40 years old security guard fucks a loli holy shittt bullshittttttt

    • Anonymous 6 months ago

      It’s hentai, them japanese fucks love them monsters and old man

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    Anyone know any uncensoured hentia

  • how to download this?? plese tell me

    • BangBang69 6 months ago

      there is no download option, unless the browser you use is Torch

      • Polite-and-too-nice Fucker 5 months ago

        That, or if your phone/tablet has google play, then download Download Manager.

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  • Mugi-chan 7 months ago

    I love this hentai soooo muuuch!!!

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  • tsutoi 7 months ago

    im not geting how thats incest

    • Da Boss 7 months ago

      The two girls are sisters and they fuck the same guy together. So in a sense they are fucking each other as well.

    • Anonymous 3 months ago

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      No that’s just the begging just watch it and you’ll like it

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  • Valhalla 8 months ago

    The sensei surely know how to train his students :D

    • Black Widow 7 months ago

      Word on the grape vine is that there is a yaoi avengers flick going on… Loki and Thor are at it XD

  • Sexy Kitsune 8 months ago

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  • Kitira 9 months ago

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  • A music-loving masterbator 9 months ago

    Came for the hentai, stayed for the opening and credits music.

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  • AussieBabe 9 months ago

    Im a girl and this hentai makes me so wet! Nothing wrong with watching anime porn anyways right? ;)

  • xFrootyJoshx 9 months ago

    Omg no wonder this was on my favorites.

  • Reika 9 months ago

    Damn this is so hot lol

  • richdragon 9 months ago

    looks like virgin and redh are going to have some fun…

  • richdragon 9 months ago

    hello my fellow hentai watchers

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  • Just Me 10 months ago

    hello again lol :P

  • I laughed so hard when she said “Even erotic things…” at beginning. No one didn’t even mention “erotic things”. That was God damn funny lol

  • thats it im going to become a teacher….no doubts~!

  • How the hell did she get the picture? I mean she was in her PE

  • perv of laughs 10 months ago

    Oh my gosh lol am i the only one that laughs at some of the hentai after i cum lol it is just ridiculously funny at some times lol :) the scenes and how they happen XD lol

    • You dont say? 10 months ago

      nope lots of people luagh at it when they are in their nuatral state

  • Fly Me To The Moon 10 months ago

    I think they should get rid of the pink starburst.

  • DarkAnimelover 10 months ago

    Well All i can say is that the Coach was really lucky XD Two Girls Fighting over him well We guys want those kind of attention don’t we? Plus The Little Sister is hotter XD

  • I found myself reading through half of all these comments after I finished watching this Hentai lol. People be entertaining bahahah

  • Demon Prince mitsukuo 10 months ago

    IAaaaaaahhhh that brings memories back…….when I was sixteen I asked my teacher that… female teacher got excited so untill I left school I was her fuck toy…..

  • Sirzechs Azazel 10 months ago

    Good hentai. Worth watching and had fun while it lasted, but its one of thise that will probably be forgotten in my long list, I like the non rape thing a lot and the animation/designe was good too. Its also not the first time I like a hentai ending song that probably cant be downloaded.

  • AdicAcid 10 months ago

    Hmm… The plot is quite simple and straightforward. The character designs are nice and not exaggerated. The animation was good but it got a bit rough towards the end. The VAs and characters are not that annoying. It lacked some action though. Overall a nice title :-bd

  • 12:50 LOLZ

  • ineedhelporiwilldie 10 months ago

    what is the name of the hentai that was in this same session, in teachers, in that two sister teach math to a young boy? D:

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    It is short but I like it

  • Katakane 10 months ago

    It’s anime but in sex mode :P nothing wrong with watching for me

  • This hentai is really good

  • F*ck yeah! 10 months ago

    Threesome at the ending! \(^o^)/

  • Sitrah 10 months ago

    No one cares attention whores.

  • Wth? I am a girl and i watch hentai o.O

  • LoveHentai 10 months ago

    I love this episode!

  • strange 10 months ago

    question but y r the guys cocks different skin color? if the guy white the his cocks tan or tanned skin and its darker then his tan skin.

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      more or less in rl guys dicks are a little darker than all the other skins this just means they put detail into it

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  • HentaiGirl6900 10 months ago

    This is like the best iv ever seen

  • That guy 10 months ago

    Yo admin could you please upload school by Miyazaki maya?

  • GirlHere 10 months ago

    oh my… yes people i watch hentai -.- lmao

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  • anonymous 10 months ago

    we want the next part!!!

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  • Why admin?? Why admin??!!
    Why are you not uploading moorrree hentai??
    Just 1 hentai video in so many days :(((

  • anonymous 10 months ago

    more of this hentai!!!!!!

  • As if I was L 10 months ago

    More of this! Please!

  • Why did they remove harem time! :(

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Hmm…. why is the comments on here more disturbing then that on rape or tentacle hentai O.O?

  • Admin.
    Shoujo Sect.
    pls <3

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Accelerando series if possible please!

  • hor nee 10 months ago

    What has humanity turned into these days? Sluts? I think so. Thanks Japan.

    • Well if you say it like that then we won’t continue turning them all into sluts.

  • he who walks the lone path 10 months ago

    what about that hentai with the golden hair dude???

  • tomokei 10 months ago

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  • smexy^^ 10 months ago

    Anyone wanna have sex ? Damn im fucking horny :3

    • Hardenough 10 months ago

      Lol you guys need to say whether your female or male >.<

    • Jake the Poop 10 months ago

      I really dont understand comments like these.. Its unlikely you guys are gonna meet up and initiate the love making. Or by ‘sex’, you simply mean talking dirty or ‘sexting’. If that was the plan, then its a pretty silly one. And to the other person who replied to you, why does it matter what gender? You dont even know what the person looks like. If its a guy, simply imagine it to be female in order to maintain this online sexplay charade

      • koolaide 10 months ago

        dude, what if they say let me stick my dick in your ass? What then? btw I think they do want to actually have sex, I mean its probably a spur of the moment thing, as there is no way of seeing ones number privately or your address for that matter

  • Jake the Poop 10 months ago

    Whats with the reply chain at the bottom? Btw, speaking of this video, WHERE WAS THE YURI? Seeing a girl using a dildo to fuck another is not yuri imo. Bet we’ll get it in the second episode. Yuri always seems to make its way in the last episode as some grand finale of things

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Tanlines, lactation, and more please

  • loading... 10 months ago

    im so wet … who wants to fuck me??
    im a virgin

  • Hentaiwatcher 10 months ago

    Ive been watching hentai for the longest time now and what i just watched i need more of it! 8- 0

  • the guy here looks like a dork xD

  • Annoyed 10 months ago

    Why r the admins not updating this site?

  • Came here cuz a.girl Sants to with me.but I’m so excited!!!

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    I had tentacles onece i got laid so much

  • Myrealname 10 months ago

    It’s not very story driven like the other hentai

  • Only one video this week? come on.

  • Similar bgm from hhh triple ecchi?

  • RageMan! 10 months ago

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Fuck IRL I want to live in Hentai Logic!

    • (⌐■_■)ノ彡┻━┻ Me too

    • I’d much rather live IRL, not in hentai where mindless sex usually is the deal. I like being loved too, that’s not something you get in anime very often. Just rape and mindless sex. But yeah, If shallow sex is the only thing on your mind then sure.

      • Kool-aide 10 months ago

        Wow… That made me think, I feel like a bad person now, cus in the day I’m actually quite involved in the sciences, and am kind of socially awkward, but at night i come here (no pun intended) to fap: yet still “isolated”… I feel lonely D’:

      • jessie2567 10 months ago

        awww that’s so cute of u to say!!! it really came from the heart! that’s what i believe too!!! and r u a man or a woman??

    • Pussylover 10 months ago


  • SmileB4DEATH. 10 months ago


  • i busted so hard

  • DualBladeEXE 10 months ago

    The first girl was the boom. I wouldn’t mind hooking up with her. XD

  • "That Guy" 10 months ago

    You know its good when it keeps buffering every 5 seconds

  • damn i masturbate while watching this series hahahaha

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    Upload accelerando series :)

  • Squirting 10 months ago

    They need to make more Hentai where the girl squirts. That shit is sexy as f

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    that blackmail

  • Ï LÏKË ÏT 10 months ago

    nc new hentai keep the update admin im always waiting for new vids :)

  • fuck them all!!!!!!!!!! 10 months ago

    one of the best…

  • Can’t wait for next episode

  • 343GuiltySpark 10 months ago

    I always wanted to be a teacher

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    I really like the art style in this hentai, it’s quite graphic and erotic, but for sure, the storyline is too blunt and really lousy. I still like it though, easily fappable. Ehh.. I’m too easily impressed ><

  • CantDoIt 10 months ago

    Can’t watch this, the main male lead just doesn’t look and feel right

  • AuraGray 10 months ago

    I Like when people reply 2other peopl’z comments :D

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  • Hey, Admin! 10 months ago

    How about uploading some “Annerose” ?

  • LOLPIRATE 10 months ago

    With that being said let’s have sex. MOAR!

  • Hentai soothes the soul 10 months ago


  • I love the idea of a “Competition” in hentai.
    Idk why though .-.

  • mayhem 10 months ago

    a whole week for one episode… mah whatever can still fap to it

  • Anonymous 10 months ago

    “oh no, I am being pushed around by my students!” “Sensei, let’s have threesomes and sex everyday”. What I would do to be “pushed around” like that too….

  • Ahh…hentai relieves my stress every single day

  • kool-aide 10 months ago

    just noticed something, when the sister has the dildo she says her ass is really tight, how would she know? O-O

  • Does anyone else check everyday for a new Hentai

  • Fucking sweeeeet!!!!!

  • A person 10 months ago

    I liked it but the story could have been better still pretty good though.

  • To whoever uploads. Try doing daily uploads. ^_^

    • Nivrrak 10 months ago

      I know right.

    • The admin has a job so he/she has stuff to do and I wish there was some forums for this site and he/she upload good stuff nothing bad only good videos

  • Indisclosed 10 months ago

    Can we get a pure yuri hentai here. No dicks, just pure pussylicking, fingering, etc. Would fap to that like 100% of the time.

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    • fuck china 10 months ago

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  • I wish there’s a better storyline

  • LordMcFappington 10 months ago

    Oh wow. All the good genres in one hentai.

  • so you guys really liked it? there is nothing good about it, there is no story, the characters are bad and the teacher is creepy, nothing like here, just sex scenes thrown around

    • Anonymous 10 months ago

      Haha you’re right :D

    • Who the fuck watches Hentai for story. What a tard.

      • That guy 10 months ago

        I watch it for the fapping, but you have to admit, a good story makes it better!

      • Because some people love anime but a lot of romance don’t end good the way the view wanted it so this is one reason why people love the story

      • Kiyu-tono 10 months ago

        I do. ^_^ A good story is so hard to come by these days. Makes the auto-eroticism all the more fulfilling. cus then I can watch the whole thing without facepalming myself with cum on hand.

        That’s hard to explain to the missus.

      • jack of blades 10 months ago

        I do sometimes

    • Sex thrown around what more could you want?

      • Hentai =/= Porn 10 months ago

        Something to cleared here.

        Hentai = porn + plot

        If there’s no plot in hentai then its just a plain porn.Then again we watch hentai cuz plain porn is boring.

  • mother father gentleman 10 months ago

    Hey admin you’re not uploading like you used to before. I know there’s a lot of requests and You might want to start uploading them here. Thanks and all hail hentai!!

  • Cool, nice hentai

  • Fuck the love stories... 10 months ago

    Aye man, where’s the rape? You better not be going soft hentaigasm uploader. You upload maybe 2-3 times up a month, and now your uploading this bs?

    • You’re not very bright, are you?

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      • jack of blades 10 months ago

        I like tentacle rape :3

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        Now go exercise you brain and learn some psychology before you act like a retard in this matter.

    • A person 10 months ago

      Dude, come on you have to think not every body likes rape so you have to expect some like this one and this is coming from some one who likes rape hentai also.

  • nothing shows up on either sources

  • TwistedVoices 10 months ago

    Aaaaaaaand so it begins

  • This doesn’t happens in real life!
    Fuck that…

  • OMFG!..second best hentai ever!…..will be waiting anxiously next video! and yes BOTH WIN!

  • (no comment) 10 months ago

    Lots if boob-age … JACK POT

  • first time ive seen sisters in hentai act like this… kinda hot

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    That was the shit! Also there was no rape involve! EPIC WIN!

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    I fapped and fapped while they were talking.