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March 20, 2016

Hentai: Jk To Ero Konbini Tenchou

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  • These dumbasses 1 month ago

    Why the fuck are people are people on a rape video complaining about rape? Grow the fuck up and get the fuck out. 10+ other genres and 100+ other videos for your sorry virgin ass to wank off to.

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Betas please stop typing and get some real pussy.

    • Hahaaa...virgins 1 month ago

      Yeah stop having a one-way you selfish fucks!

  • Will I dream...??? 2 months ago

    Atleast it’s hentai rape. So I’m not as fucked up as I thought I was. Therefore I win. Fuck it. Jerk first, bitch at me later!

  • Edumacated Children. 3 months ago

    Fascinating how so many facts about hentai (in general) go unnoticed because you children are uneducated, but I guess that’s to be expected, after reading all the comments with my popcorn I want to point out some key details you kiddos have missed.

    1. Most virgin girls can have sex for their first time without bleeding: This all comes down to lubrication, and any blood means you (ruptured) the hymen from being too rough or the girl was not ready, if you go to the third episode Yui (the friend) actually was turned on by the Antagonist spanking her, although I don’t think it was enough to not rupter her “cherry” it was at least accurate in terms of sexual intercourse.

    2. Voices portrayed by younger women in hentai are always over 18: This is fairly self explanatory, there has been many TV shows, Movies, etc that depict underage luvidious conduct that “is wrong” PORTRAYED by young looking adults. At least most people’s brain is working I guess when they go, “Oh ew Rape is wrong” but your two cents is not needed, nor is your harassment to people that enjoy it. Get over it, like seriously. If you have as much energy giving your thoughts on how bad rape is, go harass your local rapist and see how well that works out for you.

    3. She did steal, was blackmailed, but she also consented halfway through: Coersion is pretty bad, and the way he came on to her was cliche, but she did say “anything” if he didn’t even blackmail her, the legitimacy was her life was over. The harsh facts of real life dawn on people and turn them submissive to the ones who have dirt on them. An example I would use is actors/actresses trying to get into showbusiness having to do ANYTHING to get there, as it’s a very sought after profession with tons of sub-par people in it, if you see an awful actor or actress you should think in your head the misery they had to go through to even get there. The reality is, rape is a powerful genre that millions of people enjoy, I don’t knock on you for liking your half sister, wanting to fuck that cute girl from work, school etc etc, so don’t judge other people or fictitious art forms.

    Back to my popcorn, remember it’s not real don’t get so worked up!

    • Kentucky Fried Chicken 1 month ago

      It’s better in fiction so at least having this fantasy will prevent people from harming real girls.

  • Senpai 3 months ago

    I’m seriously dying from laughter at all of these comments. Welcome to 2016, the year where everyone is offended by anyone, everything, and themselves.

    I need to come back here again soon later to read these ironic, and hilarious comments that I’m reading.

  • PaiNaruto 3 months ago

    Put some fight kick his balls

  • t(0w0t) 4 months ago

    DAMN hate that guy

  • Anonymous 4 months ago

    Leave for a year, come back and you whiny kids are still complaining about rape. Instead of taking a second to look at the genre. You show your immaturity and watch the video then complain about you not liking it because it had rape in it

    • Sinonymous 4 months ago

      Dude just watch and jerk. Nobody gives a fuck. It’s just a hentai, albeit a fucked up one, and people can love it or hate it.

      Also anyone can just SEE rape in the Genres then proceed to type shit rather than just watch it then type shit. They complain about this shit, you complain about their shit. More cum and less shit people! lol

  • Hitlary Merkel 5 months ago

    Should of happened during new year’s eve outside by black and arab men.

  • i have cum like 6 times on 4 hours my dick hurts lol

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