August 1, 2017

Hentai: Ichigo Chocola Flavor

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  • why tho 11 months ago

    1st scene was great

    2nd extra rapey douches wasn’t good at all

  • PaiNaruto 11 months ago

    I like the 1st part, love her facial expression! **

  • Hey, Just because it’s not “Gender Equal” and we like it that doesn’t mean we’re terrible people Innately. Take sexual fantasy’s they’re not all good but that doesn’t make us bad.

    • Ahllora 1 month ago

      Uhm. If you believe a woman is less than you then your a sorry peice of shit. Sorry! But it’s just how it is! In America now (take my life for example) I believe in 50/50 in relationships. I work 30 hours $32/hour he works 30hours $10.50/hour. If I cook, he cleans dishes. (Can’t cook worth shit so usually other way around). He does laundry, I fold and put it up. He sweeps, I mop. Etc etc. IDC if I make almost 3x amount as him. It’s all about effort and equality. I put the same amount of EFFORT (don’t worry about pay, it has nothing to do with effort) And I’m glad it’s that way. I can afford an Xbox, PS4, switch, etc so we can play games together. We can afford to get him a kit car so he can build it, nice cloths, weird watch collection he has going on, payment to fix his teeth because they are crooked etc. You think we could afford it if I was a “housewife” with no job and him only making $10.50 even working 40hours a week? Bahahhhahahaha. Hahahahahah. God. Japan is stupid I swear. Live smarter not harder. If you make boss Money and can afford to buy our your wife even though you treat her like shit? Go ahead. Plenty of women who are ok with it if you buy them nice shit. And same for the men though. Ik plenty of men who don’t mind being treated like shit because they can do “wifey” dutys and stay at home and play games all day. If you make that kind of money go for it. Buy you a wife. If not, get in with the new, treat your wife like an equal, have everything 50/50 and your life will be so much happier I promise. Thank me later

      • Ahllora 1 month ago

        Japan? China? Korea etc? Not saying y’all are stupid. But the system is. Just wanted to rephrase that

  • AnOnYmOuS 11 months ago

    what happens at school when u don’t raise your kids yourselves?
    they become rapists. JAPAN

  • It'z/Dat\Spy 11 months ago

    *Uh-hum* Gentlemen. You did a fine job nerfing your lil’ usefulness.

  • ItsNoT.ThatDude 11 months ago

    Welp, I guess we’re all faggots now considering that 98.5% of the hentai in every website is definitely rape and the others are gender equality getting fucked up. Faith in humanity has been lost T.T

    • ItsNoT.ThatDude 11 months ago

      Also, for your information, over 50% of males in Japan are virgins, VIRGINS. And this sub-culture perfectly explains to us why.

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    The heart eyes caught me off guard

  • Anonymous 11 months ago

    The gangrape was the best part in my opinion.

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