• Rape101 13 hours ago

    This isn’t rape, he willingly let her blindfold him….and then allowed her to have sex with him. Consensually. So technically this is legal rape. The worst kind. Something similar happened to me, and I went to the police, but they said I couldn’t press charges.

    lol I wish I was fat, hairy and REALLY ugly, so I could do this to a bunch of dudes and take off the blindfold at the end. Hahaha and then laugh when they try to go to the police.
    Yes I am bitter as fuck, fuck that pos fuckshot bitch.
    Hope he gets kidnapped and raped up the ass with a hot flaming knife….and bleeds out slow. Real slow. Son of a fucking bitch.

  • Raymond 1 month ago

    I say this doesn’t look like rape to me. I just say that this guy has to be lucky fucking all kinds of girls at his school. Ultimate harem. Blindfolded, and I gotta say, he has to feel good having these chicks dick ride him. He done busted all kinds of nuts in them. His mushroom tip must be all purple from fucking so many girls. He has like two or three babies’ mamas.

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Tf did I just watch

  • Curiuos otaku 2 months ago

    Is there a douji made by this? If someone know the name ?

  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    I kinda like the art stile too i wana the ep2 faster

  • Just a analysis 2 months ago

    You mean to tell me never once the thought passed through saying to him he should see actual pussy at least once without the blindfold

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    So its basically a guy who mistook his crush for another girl that likes him and now he’s banged her, his little sister and his sister’s friend and if there’s an episode 2 the friend’s sister and her friends?
    A bit fucked my brain there but sure

  • Anonymous 3 months ago

    It sucks that these type of stories go under the radar cause the wrong companies be making this weird animation for them. This is why ntr succeeds my niggas simply because they put more effort into sex scenes and art style. No cap.

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