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February 28, 2013

Hentai: Euphoria

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  • Anonymous 15 hours ago


  • Anonymous 15 hours ago

    im a girl

  • whatthefuckisgoingon 1 week ago

    I am much confus. Halp. 3spoopy5me

  • TheJusticeSource 1 week ago

    What’s that brown stuff coming from her panties when she gets electrocuted in the beginning?

    • SasukeXSakura 1 week ago

      Wow I really like the variety of this website. Whether you’re into monsters,rape,love stories or just plain ol’ sex this website delivers something for everyone which I love :D

    • That would be shit. After someone dies all their muscles relax. The result is that dead bodies are often found looking like they crapped themselves. One of the little details that TV/movies tend to leave out.

  • Perhaps the Truth to the plot. 2 weeks ago

    I understand the story now. Not with certainty though. So as based on D4rk’s comment on episode 2, this is a virtual reality simulator, thus this is not actuality or reality. The reality is that the prisoners, being the 7 people, are captured and induced into this virtual world. As based on this speculation, what is being impacted and affected is their psyche. This is relatable to SAO (Sword Art Online). Although, I am not sure if it has any impacts on the physical body in reality, like SAO, that can cause deaths. The plot did not go over that. Now the next matter at hand, Nemu is a childhood friend that is in love with with the male protagonist and Kanae is the scientist that is sadistic and masochistic. This description is based on their personality in the real world. Kanae’s motive, as the demented scientist, may have been due to jealousy and thus decided to create this virtual reality to ruin the other 6 participants’ lives (since she is sadistic), notably Nemu and the male protagonist. However, this is only a conjecture, but is the most plausible out of any other conjectures. In the virtual reality simulator, Kanae essentially distorts the participants’ memory, notably the male protagonist, as she swaps places with Nemu. Essentially, the aspects that are swapped are not their appearance, but their personality and memories from reality. Basically, in the simulator, Nemu’s appearance is actually Kanae’s personality and memories, and Kanae’s appearance is Nemu’s personality and memories. Thus, Nemu as based on appearance in the simulator, distorts the male protagonist’s memory as such that the memory of the appearance of his childhood friend is Kanae’s appearance with Nemu’s personality and memories. Hence, it seems that the the memories of the actual childhood friend Nemu was distorted as well to make her believe that her appearance is of the appearance of Kanae, while still retaining her memories and personality as the kind and affectionate childhood friend. Nemu’s appearance with Kanae’s personality and memories is the scientist and the instigator.of the simulation. Thus, the three wishes she stated as 1) the kiss being the contract, 2) the male protagonist must choose her for every level, 3) the third wish is ambiguous (if anyone knows inform us through comment). Based on the second wish, if the male protagonist does not choose her for every level, it essentially leads to the quote: “I wonder what would have happened, had you (male protagonist) opted for a different choice?” Thus, leads to the alternate endings as based on the male protagonist’s choices of participants on each level. Since it is not known how it would have ended if he heeded the second wish and chose her every level, it cannot be said that the participants would have won and be released from the simulator, as well as the ending of the first episode was quite ambiguous after he cleared the majority of the rounds with his childhood friend (Kanae’s appearance with Nemu’s memories and personality). Also, If anyone has completely finished the game with all the alternate endings please feel free to submit a new comment in correcting me or adding in any missing details. .

    • So essentially, based on the above comments, the one true route and ending would be the fulfillment of Nemu’s three wishes (who is Kanae in reality). Hypothesizing that if she is killed in the simulator she would fall into something of a shock or comatose state, hence being unable to manipulate and reset the simulation. As I see it right now, what has objectively and actually occurred is everything including the girl being executed from the electric chair, the realization of Kei’s sadistic behavior, the three wishes as given by Nemu in the simulation, and the first level being completed with Nemu. As stated in the second wish, Kei must choose Nemu ( consists of Kanae’s personalty and memories) every level, and what is speculated is that if Kei followed her wishes and chose her every round, the third wish may be the salvation point once reached or completed. That being said, everything that happened passed the first level being completed are all hypothetical situations. The moment he was forced to choose a participant for the second level the hypotheticals being. As quoted from Nemu, after the potential ending is met, “I wonder what would have happened, had you (Kei) opted for a different choice?” What I’ve also noticed is that since this is a virtual reality simulator, like SAO as stated form the previous comment, certain events that occur such as the electric chair execution and the brutal bondage scenarios impacts the brain or basically psychologically. The reason why its a virtual reality simulator is because of the memory distortion, everything seems to be manipulated, and as from episode three of the food disappearing from the table before the eyes of Kei and Byakuya. Of course, if there are psychological effects, there also physiological and physical effects such as impacting breathing patterns. However that being said, an example would be the injuries inflicted from the bondage actions are a psychological effect as it doesn’t actually happen to the physical body, but however affects the body physiologically as said earlier. The plot actually reminds me of the philosophical skepticism theories on knowledge such as the Dreaming Argument and the Evil Genius Argument aka the Evil Demon Argument. Putting philosophy aside, the theme and plot of the show is relatable to what is commonly known as Dreaming. There are just several conjectures that may relate to the theme and plot.

  • NOT LAME XD 1 month ago

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  • NOT LAME XD 1 month ago

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