August 3, 2018

Hentai: Dokidoki Little Ooyasan

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  • Anonymous 2 months ago

    good midget porn

  • newone 2 months ago

    kinda wish there was a blowjob sence

  • Hey Stfu 2 months ago

    Watch out fuck u she liked it u cunt if u dont like this then leave cunt

  • watch out... 3 months ago

    This is a warning to everyone who watches this and likes this. First, you will be pleasuring yourself to this video. Then, you will be looking at kids on the street. Next, you will start interacting with those kids. Next thing you know, you will either be in an inappropriate situation with them or being on a stool with Chris Hansen. With this visualization, i can conclude that everyone who watches this shit and likes it is a fucked up bitch ass who likes kids. You should be ashamed… I suggest you stop watching this or the next thing you see are those red and blue lights next to your house… If you have no plans of stopping, you are a trash individual and you should eat shit and die.

    • Anon-Master 3 months ago

      And you must be the bitch that made your choice being here acting tough and know better cry me a river punk and take note to just kill yourself. Again if you dont like hentai even if it is weird and cant comprehend the writing of the author or people giving you points of the animation go fucking watch something else you trash ass punk. Watch out everybody he trying to make a false point of his ideal taking it so damn serious.

    • Anonymous Again 3 months ago

      That’s YOUR opinion on people who watch Lolicon, but I have one of my own for anyone that likes lolicon. I think it’s okay to like Lolicon as though it can lash out into a bad habit if you cannot control yourself. I know you are giving us your opinion and I think that’s ok but don’t go assuming that everyone who likes lolicon is a pedophile.

    • Anonymous Again 3 months ago

      Also if Hentaigasm had a upvote and downvote button and a sign-in and login, I would rain a goddamn hurricane of downvotes on your comment as your opinion is wrong. There is a line between Lolicons and Pedophiles. Lolicons love/like lolis and may be willing to lewd or protecc them and see lolis as only a 2d figure as she is not a real girl. Pedophiles on the other have a tendency to do about anything to children, be that: Rape and kidnapping/attempt to kidnap. Lolicon does not hurt anyone as it is a 2d little girl but in anime form and IS NOT a part of reality.
      May I also add that you will do better to correct your assumptions before posting them as I have said that not every Lolicon is a pedophile.
      May the flames guide thee~

      • Anon-Master 2 months ago

        Amen Anonymous Again, I get the quote from the second post and know what you mean but the problem of people today that did capture their minds going into lolicon made them go wtf moments. I also wanted to add into the difference between reality and 2d but which you are right anonymous again it does not hurt anyone. I didn’t make myself into a pedophile but enjoying out of bliss just to do bat-stuff crazy on me. But in consolidation people take it too seriously like “watch out” said so he was punk and have his on ideal trying to make people avoid stuff and you said that’s your opinion. People just need to have the right mind before quoting and taking it seriously.

    • I think the only pedophile over here is you if that is 1 to 1 your personal experience, lol. I don’t think anyone will be attracted to kids because of fapping to this lmao.

      • This loli is basicly a milf so it actually somewhat is doing the opposit to me.

    • This is a perfect example of a slippery slop fallacy.

    • somefag 3 weeks ago

      Dude, there’s nothing that correlates lolicon to pedophilia, I’ve never once found myself attracted to children even as a child all my crushes were older then me, I’m not even interested in girls a few years younger then me, let alone literal children. Every Lolicon I’ve ever met is the exact same, for god sake part of the anime community is purely into 2d girls. If you want to go shame actual pedophiles the furry community is ripe with them, I don’t doubt there are lolicon pedos but they’re not the majority.

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